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i dreamed i took an internet cheapie test, and after a few minutes, the second line was super strong. glowing and magical.
in my dream i carried it around with me  and rubbed my belly.

a few minutes ago, i took an internet cheapie test with first pee o’ the morning. the single white line is blinding and loud.

still holding on to the false negative hope.

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still getting over the UTI, hoping it is not in my kidneys. (i have a sordid history with kidney infections and stones.) this is day 3 home from work.  meh.

drinking 3 liters of water a day. i’m still feverish. and i have a lot of nausea. and my lower back aches and aches.

did i mention the cramping?

instead of being “am i pregnant?” obsessed, i’m putting all of these symptoms onto the infection. i’m not going to test until tuesday, probably. tuesday is h’s 30th birthday, btw. we are going to h1pp1e h0ll0w, the nude beach here in austin. she wants to celebrate her birthday in her birthday suit. we have rationalized testing on such a day like this:

if i am pregnant, i’ll have gotten her the best birthday present ever.
if i am not pregnant, we can bring beers to h1pp1e h0ll0w.

win/win right?

…wish i could test today.

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today’s keyword phrase:

in light of the larry craig scandal, people are now finding their way to my little ttc blog with the search phrase: “tapping feet in bathroom”.


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went to the doctor today: bladder infection.

pregnancy-safe antibiotics and lots of cranberry juice.

most memorable moment at the walkin clinic? the dr’s response to my “i might be pregnant” comment.

dr: anything else you need me to know?

h: did you tell him yet?

me: oh, i might be pregnant. 7-8 days pregnant.

dr: have you missed a period?

me: no.

dr: have you been trying to get pregnant? trying really hard?

me [a little confused]: yes.

dr: ivf or what?

me: ivi

dr: [blank stare]

me: at home, you know, with a syringe.

dr: [pregnant pause.] oh, well, have you missed a period?

i had to shake my head at the whole thing. he totally assumed i was gay and not trying the “natural way”. i guess having my partner in the room was quite a tip off, but it was still the first time a doctor, without knowing that h and i are together, has made that assumption.

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implantation dip?

6-7dpo. today’s psychosomatic symptoms include:

lower back pain
very low energy/exhaustion
no appetite

i had a temp dip yesterday. implantation? what say you?

(clicky as per usual…)

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yardsale 2007

total revenue after 3 hours: $-15.

we’ve been sitting out here since 7:30 am. we have plenty of fine items for sale at low, low prices, such as:

1. chairs thoroughly destroyed by cats.
2. clothes, with or without stains.
3. a moldy desk.
4. a functional stereo.
5. my old shoes.
6. a lava lamp that is not all that functional.
7. a wonderwoman clock, without batteries
8. a kitten basket.
9. a feral cat.

we have not had one customer. a couple neighbors have waved at us out of pity.
we made signs. we advertised on craigslist and the austin chronicle. and still, nothing.

you have one hour, austin. come buy our shit, please.

here we are, all hot and sticky in the sun:

11 am.
hey you, come buy some shit, man!
wanna buy a kitten basket?
we have wares to sell!

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this is reason # 47 why i no longer work in the christian music industry.

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photo of the day: my choice.

i simply wanted an excuse to post this rare moment: my sisters and i altogether for the first time in 5 years. (i’m the tigress.)

fambly portrait.

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ladies (and gentlemen?), i am proud to present: ovulation.

(click as per usual.)
what do you think about our insem timing the last 2 times?

i’m so excited that i actually ovulated!  this month is our first real chance to be pregnant…

and we’re in the the 2ww officially.

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can’t sleep.

oy i really should be sleeping.

just wanted to say, temp up 2 days in a row.  one more and we’ve got ovulation, captain.

now back to bed with this girl. i have a snuggly warm h awaiting…

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