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still getting over the UTI, hoping it is not in my kidneys. (i have a sordid history with kidney infections and stones.) this is day 3 home from work.  meh.

drinking 3 liters of water a day. i’m still feverish. and i have a lot of nausea. and my lower back aches and aches.

did i mention the cramping?

instead of being “am i pregnant?” obsessed, i’m putting all of these symptoms onto the infection. i’m not going to test until tuesday, probably. tuesday is h’s 30th birthday, btw. we are going to h1pp1e h0ll0w, the nude beach here in austin. she wants to celebrate her birthday in her birthday suit. we have rationalized testing on such a day like this:

if i am pregnant, i’ll have gotten her the best birthday present ever.
if i am not pregnant, we can bring beers to h1pp1e h0ll0w.

win/win right?

…wish i could test today.

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