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went to the doctor today: bladder infection.

pregnancy-safe antibiotics and lots of cranberry juice.

most memorable moment at the walkin clinic? the dr’s response to my “i might be pregnant” comment.

dr: anything else you need me to know?

h: did you tell him yet?

me: oh, i might be pregnant. 7-8 days pregnant.

dr: have you missed a period?

me: no.

dr: have you been trying to get pregnant? trying really hard?

me [a little confused]: yes.

dr: ivf or what?

me: ivi

dr: [blank stare]

me: at home, you know, with a syringe.

dr: [pregnant pause.] oh, well, have you missed a period?

i had to shake my head at the whole thing. he totally assumed i was gay and not trying the “natural way”. i guess having my partner in the room was quite a tip off, but it was still the first time a doctor, without knowing that h and i are together, has made that assumption.

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