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six years ago, i happened upon your mysterious profile on a silly dating site. i had no hopes for anything “real”. you simply intrigued me with your words. we struck up a conversation, which led to a phone conversation, wherein i swooned at the sound of your voice. you know how it goes: you had me at hello. heh.

here we are, my love. six years later. wearefambly.

you are my heart. i can’t wait to marry you this summer.

i love you.
your bananie.



love is.

christmas love.

bespectacled mamas.

pee ess, we need more photos of the three of us.

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meme a la dooce.

play along!

What are your middle names?

How long have you been together?
just over 5.5 years.

How long did you know each other before you started dating?
a minute, maybe.

Who asked whom out?
i think it was technically me, as i’m the one who asked, after our first weekend together, “so, does this mean you’re my girlfriend now?”

How old are each of you?
me: 30
she: 31

Whose siblings do you see the most?
my sister e lives in dallas, and so we see her every few months. we see my other 2 sisters less frequently.  h’s brother lives in tiny, tx, and when he’s not taking care of cows, we say hello when we visit her mum.

Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?
this deserves a blogpost of its own, but definitely the balance of “us the couple” and “us the parents”. and then there’s the pesky little issue called “finances”.   ugh.  yeah.  that.

Did you go to the same school?
negative.  i went to malone college and belmont university for my BA, and she went to texas a&m and university of tx for hers.  i spent a semester at st edwards working on a masters, and she did her masters at tx state.  i did get rejected from the tx state writing program, though.

Are you from the same home town?
that would also be a no.  i’m from erie, pa, and h is from tiny, tx.

Who is smarter?
we argue about this.  but this is my meme, so i get to tell the truth: h.  she is a renaissance woman, and i think it’s hott.

Who is the most sensitive?
probably me.  my chin quivers more, anyway.  

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
um.  we don’t anymore, but we used to frequent opal divines.  ah, the good old days.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
hmm.  i think erie is farther than chicago, so erie! 

Who has the craziest exes?
h, hands down.  i’ve never dated a lying insomniac who is obsessed with joining the military.

Who has the worst temper?

i’m thinking it’s me.  i’m primarily laid back, but i’m i’m also a bottler, and when i erupt, i punch walls…never people.

Who does the cooking?
h.  always.  cooking causes me great anxiety.

Who is the neat-freak?
h goes crazy faster when things are a mess.   

Who is more stubborn?
sweet lord, me.   

Who hogs the bed?

Who wakes up earlier?
me.  usually.  even on days off.  

Where was your first date?
it began at the nashville airport, where i picked up this visiting stranger i’d fallen in love with already.  

Who is more jealous?
i think we’re equally not jealous.

How long did it take to get serious?
it was always serious.  we took a whole lot of risks with our hearts from the first day.  it has always been one of those “i know you’re the one” relationships.

Who eats more?
probably me.  but i also burn more calories, what with this ice cream i lactate.

Who does the laundry?
i am not averse to the laundry-doing, but our schedule currently dictates h doing most of the chores.

Who’s better with the computer?
me, but neither of us are evil geniuses when it comes to teh computerz.

Who drives when you are together?
me.  unless i’m:

a. drunk
b: tired
c:  drunk and tired 

in the immortal words of dooce: “Feel free to answer some or all of the same questions about your significant other in the comments, or leave a link to your website if you prefer answering there.”

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we had a day of good contractions yesterday. we walked a little in the morning but my heartrate was up and i was a little dizzy, so i went back to bed until early afternoon. naturally, it was 100 degrees again yesterday, and i felt the need to walk to keep the contractions coming, so we went to…the mall.


we sucked it in, though, for the sake of the baby. incidentally, sparky loves shopping. she becomes downright giddy when we are running errands. and so we bribed her with adorable outfits from hot topic and old navy, if she would just get her adorable little ass in gear already.

meanwhile, i seem to have finally finished losing my mucus plug. for two days, i was blessed with a mess of stuff every time i peed. copious amounts. but only a tiny bit of blood the first time it happened. and now, it’s just copious cm. i know that 3rd trimester ladies are supposed to have increased cm, but this is like a period, just with cm instead of blood. and no, it’s not amniotic fluid. i’ve tested the ph, and it’s just good ol cm.

thus endeth the tmi about my bodily fluids section of this entry.

back to the mall, i must confess that i really enjoyed spending time at the aveda store. i got a nice neck massage, and left with a new candle AND new lipstick. hooray! and h smelled so good and aveda-y that i was going to attack her in the fitting rooms of old navy. but alas, the store closed before we got to try anything on. so sad.

i could always attack her now, though…

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pregnant intimacy.

heat of the moment. hottness! yay!
and what do i say, without fail? “don’t move. i really have to pee. i’ll be right back.”

and amazingly enough, the mood is not ruined!

le sigh.

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this is one of my favorite shots of h. she rarely lets me photograph her, so when i get a moment, i take it.

have i mentioned that she is my heart and my home and my favorite? yes. yes she is.

schmelen under lights.

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good morning friends. over at my sorely neglected other blog, i wrote an entry about national coming out day, where i outed myself as pregnant for the first time. give it a read if you’re interested.

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because my doctor doesn’t order ‘stat’ lab results, i have to wait till tomorrow morning for the results of today’s 2nd beta. of course i spent my whole morning obsessing over the nurse’s ‘little low’ comment about friday’s hcg levels. thanks to melissa for the beta site link. it made me feel much better. also, just about every bit of information i came across said that the median for 12dpo hcg levels is 50. so, technically, that makes me slightly above average. as a perfectionist, that doesn’t quite rock my world, but it makes me breathe a sigh of relief.

sparky is still in there, i had to remind myself all day. sparky is in there, and sparky is growing. your boobs still hurt, your uterus aches: sparky is ok.

and so i wait for tomorrow’s results.

in the meantime, i stayed home from work with the sick today. h and i did make a quick excursion to the target, though. you see, i am already bloated below my belly button. my pants still fit, but are just uncomfortable, especially when lying around all day. so, we got me 2 pairs of maternity pants. a black pair of yoga pants, and capri pants for late 2nd trimester–they were on sale. what can i say?

and, as a soft little icon on which to focus my hope, i bought a pair of froggy jammies for sparky. small enough for him/her to wear as soon as s/he gets here.

as we left the baby dept, h came up behind me, kissed my cheeks and rubbed my belly as i pushed the shopping cart. she is so ecstatic about sparky’s arrival. she kissed us both goodbye before she left for class tonight.

we’re having a baby.

pee ess, though food aversions haven’t really kicked in just yet, i can tell you that my favorite thing in the whole world right now is fizzy water with fresh lemon. lots of fresh lemon. it’s just so…good.

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first, thank you to everyone who left such encouraging comments on my last post. they have bolstered me as i’ve bled with vengeful cramps. i haven’t had a period this intense in a long, long time.

[oh! reminder! must call in clomid prescription…]

anyway, i knew i wasn’t pregnant on h’s birthday, and decided to treat that knowledge as a blessing to be a little more reckless. we had coffee and beer and cigarettes oh my! it was a good day. we played pool at our favorite bar, and even had an irish car bomb at 4pm. good times.

a few minutes into our first pool game, h knew what she wanted to get for her birthday: a new tattoo. she has been talking about this for a long time, wanting a tattoo that binds her to me.

i wear a constellation of stars and a bird on my back. stars have always been the great symbol of my life. they are constancy, like God, like prayer, like heartbeats. in the seasons of my life when i cannot pray, i draw stars on my hands. over and over like a mantra. the star on my left shoulder blade is hope. the one on my right is joy. (h held my hand as i got that one.)

and so, h decided to have a star tattooed over her heart for me. and i decided to have a lodestar–a north star–tattooed on my neck for her. in downtown austin, there are tattoo parlors on every corner. so, we left the bar, walked across the street, and after five minutes of inking, we were done.

here we are:

i am the star on her heart.

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still getting over the UTI, hoping it is not in my kidneys. (i have a sordid history with kidney infections and stones.) this is day 3 home from work.  meh.

drinking 3 liters of water a day. i’m still feverish. and i have a lot of nausea. and my lower back aches and aches.

did i mention the cramping?

instead of being “am i pregnant?” obsessed, i’m putting all of these symptoms onto the infection. i’m not going to test until tuesday, probably. tuesday is h’s 30th birthday, btw. we are going to h1pp1e h0ll0w, the nude beach here in austin. she wants to celebrate her birthday in her birthday suit. we have rationalized testing on such a day like this:

if i am pregnant, i’ll have gotten her the best birthday present ever.
if i am not pregnant, we can bring beers to h1pp1e h0ll0w.

win/win right?

…wish i could test today.

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last night, we had a great time at the swim meet. we drove over to the coach’s house to pick up the swimmers, and came home to insem with a little more privacy than before. (usually, the coach sits outside and waits for us to finish before we all play cards.)

i’m fairly certain we’ve started a little early, since i’m still – opk, but the whole experience between h and i was so tender. even with a newly-introduced catheter, it felt the least clinical of all our attempts. we were making love, and making a baby. and we smiled and giggled.

afterward, the coach did come over for a rousing game of canasta. it was a perfect night.

hopefully i’ll get a positive reading tonight or tomorrow morning, and we’ll try again!

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