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no change with the opk’s. still the mindfuck shade of is-it-lighter pink.

temp is back down again this morning. cd21.

symptoms are all still accounted for:

entertaining ewcm. (i actually summon h to the bathroom to show her with pride.)
o cramps in my lower back and down my left leg.
a practically unreachable cervix. “ooo lips,” said h. and definitely open.

we did insem last night. poor coach. FIVE times this month.

remember last month’s beauty pageant-winning chart?
here’s this month’s monstrosity:
picture-2.png (sorry for the need to clicky. i really need to work out the formatting issues.)

on a sillier note, i found out that i’m not pregnant. my opks came with a free pregnancy test that looked a lot like the ovulation tests, except clear. i thought it was just defective or something. and then i looked at the box after i took the test and got a decidedly negative result. smack head.

ok. question. my doctor has not mentioned the option of trigger shots at this point. should i ask for this? i really know very little about them, how they’re used in conjunction w/ clomid, etc. would you wise women school me? my appt is tomorrow afternoon, so a little advice before then would be ever so helpful.

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