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15 dpo and spotting. how’s that for a textbook luteal phase?

just got a call from the dr’s office, and my progesterone levels are at 27.6, which apparently = perfect.
dr. c says that she is “very, very pleased” with my response to clomid, and is excited for us to try again in august.

this makes for very happy news on a vacation day. we’re listening to the new suzanne vega. h is doing yardwork, and i’m working on project downsize. today’s mission: to get rid of clothes we no longer wear.

what a happy monday.


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with humility.

yesterday, i asked for advice. (thank you.) today, i’m asking for money.
for this little guy.
please donate to the gunther pickles memorial fund.

this is phineas. he is one of two stray kittens we rescued from underneath an abandoned taco stand across the street from our house. we first heard their cries as we buried our beloved gunnie, and found them two days later.

phinny had to go to the vet yesterday after we suspected he had ringworm. (we were right.) the vet diagnosed him with a heart murmur, and he needs further testing soon to know how bad the condition is. testing = expensive. between yesterday’s vet bill and everything with gunnie two weeks ago, we have spent nearly $1000. we simply don’t have the money to do anything else.

the vet said that phineas may have a short life expectancy, like that of gunther. what began as quite the redemption story is turning into a nightmare.

it was our hope to adopt out the kittens as soon as they were free of fleas and worms, but now we have to keep them in isolation for another 5 weeks.

we want to do everything we can to ensure a healthy life for phinny (and his healthy brother, chavez). so. i have set up the gunther pickles memorial fund over at bananie.com.

if you would like to donate, we would be appreciative. very, very appreciative. if this is not something that interests you, that is fine. of course. there are big, big causes out there.

in any case, healthy thoughts and prayers and hopes are welcome and needed.
it’s been a rough month.

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happy thursday, everybody. today, i am seeking your advice.

i’ve mentioned previously that we are considering a move to oregon next year. well. we recently inherited a house in h’s hometown. let’s call her hometown “tiny”. tiny is located about 1.5-2 hrs from austin, deepinaheartatexass. heretofore, it’s always been a smallminded “yay we love bush” place. recently, however, we have befriended three (three!) gay people who actually really like it there, and are making strides to make tiny a gay-friendlier town. these people run the newspaper, bed and breakfast, winery, best restaurants, etc. and they like us a lot.

h’s mom recently moved back to tiny after years away. h’s brother and nephews live there too.

we are considering a move to tiny. because. hello? free house. where we could have goats. and horses. and family around who would want to be around our little one. my sister would be within driving distance, as would our community in austin.

but. we would be the first lesbian parents in town! we would truly be pioneers. whether we move to oregon or not, the 2nd parent adoption will happen in austin, so we’ll be a legal family, but without domestic partnership rights.

the pull toward oregon is great. for rights. for a chance for h to live outside texas for the first time in her life. for better weather. for a new start. but. we know that if we do this, we will be isolated to a degree. no grandparents within driving distance. no family whatsoever. and the closer we get toward an actual child joining our lives, the more important it is to have the support and love of family around. for sparky as well as for us.

so. would you consider relocating to tiny, texas if you also had the chance to start over somewhere new and more liberal? would you be willing to face the hardships of being a pioneer for the cause if it meant your child would get to grow up with grandparents and cousins?

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i feel so popular! thanks oneofhismoms!

Here are the rules:
Let others know who tagged you.
Players start with 8 random facts about themselves
Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts
Players should tag 8 other people and tell them they’ve been tagged.

1. i am a descendent of benedict arnold.

2. i once met anne murray and she liked me because we had the same name.

3. i used to have an arabian horse named dakota. he now lives with my sister in pennsylvania virginia.

4. i could be a vegetarian except for the chicken. i love the chicken.

5. i didn’t lose my virginity until i was 24.

6. i currently hate my hair, and am trying desperately to grow it out.
6a. i haven’t had long hair in four years.

7. i am currently on the drnatura colonix cleanse. i have never had such interesting poo.

8. i love justin timberlake.

ok, i am tagging:

amyandmelissa, alayna & sacha, a., e., holly, maeby, and trista.

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dr c thinks my chart is gorgeous, and after a thorough feel-up, she concluded that my ovaries are not being overstimulated and clomid + me = good.  no need for the dildocam after all.

she even gave us a new syringe with a catheter.

today is cd 21. my luteal phase history is spot on at 14 days. my cycle should be 29 days! this means that we will get to insem in just three weeks! i am so excited.

h said last night, as i chopped cucumbers for our mediterranean night (falafel! hummus!), “i am so excited to start a family with you.  all the fear is gone.” i kissed her.

happy weekend, kids.

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pillow talk.

as i lay in bed whining about having to go to work today (thursdays are my fridays…), h tried to cheer me up.

me: meh.
h: oh, but guess what tomorrow is?!
me: friday.
h: [excited] and what does that mean?
me: it means i get up super early to go to dr c’s office.
h: and what will she be putting all up in you?
me: a dildocam. (© veeandjay)
h: and what will we see?!
h: yay! i can’t wait!
me: i’m going to work now.

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i am so proud of my chart this month that i must share it with you. i am so excited about clomid actually making me ovulate that i’m ok with this month being a dry run. i am simply looking forward to next month–which will be next month, not in like 45 days–when we begin trying again.

without further ado, here is my beautiful chart with a clear ovulation!


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last goodbye.

gunnie was a little sensation on youtube. i had planned to film his first birthday for his youtube fans, but since that didn’t happen, i gave them this:

it was incredibly cathartic to do.

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shred of hope.

in the midst of the overwhelming sadness, a shred of hope: i got my first positive opk yesterday. my first positive opk since march. the clomid is actually working.

perhaps, now that he has some pull, gunther will nudge our child to come join our lives.

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at 8:30 tonight, we let our gunnie go.

already, he is buried outside the kitchen window, below his favorite window sill.

i held him as he went.

i will have more to say tomorrow.
for now, goodnight.

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