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Boy in a bumbo.

How quickly my mister grows.

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on posting.

so my beloved computer took a bit of a spill recently, and landed rather hard in a denting sort of way. initially, i thought it was tough, that it shook off the bumps and bruises like jude usually does. because all appeared to be well. the letter ‘p’ was a bit sticky, but that’s about it. however, a couple weeks later, and it is all but kaput. damn. i’m very sad about its passing, as it was otherwise a very loyal, dependable 2006 macbook pro. incidentally, if you are in the market for a new battery and spare gig of ram for such a model, let’s talk.

i’ll soon be replacing my lappy, but in the meantime, posting will be likely be light and of the obviously-written-on-an-iphone variety. [read, with caps.] my selfless h is allowing me the use of her computer from time to time as well.

for now, here is a photo of my son, jowls.
Jowls McCarthy

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Hi mamas out there. Do any of you have experience with the sixth week bleed phenomenon? If so, I’d like to know, as I seem to be one of the lucky 25%.


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First haircut.



Yes, I cried. But only a little. I didn’t want to freak her out.

[And yes, she still has her curls. They were just brushed out for the cutting of the hairs.]

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