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god said ha.

1. yay computer is here. am typing on it right now even. exclamation point!
2. both children have been sick and omg cranky. all weekend.
3. ow goes my throat with the soreness.
3a. also, cannot swallow.
4. you don’t even want to know the goings on of my arse.

…choosing sleep over posting.


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great news for my blog!

new computer? (very nearly) check!

look for a post this weekend!

in the meantime, here is the naptime pic that h sent me yesterday–j&z together in her bed.

click the pic to embiggen. totally worth it.

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getting closer…

guess what? my new computer shipped today.
also, my maternity leave ended yesterday.
and omg i have a 4 month old son.
how bout them apples?

more words to come.
how are yous all?

edited: OH! speaking of apples, guess what i found as i unpacked a box full of my work stuff that was hastily stored by coworkers when i went on leave? this red delicious. from july.


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Mommy & Jude haircut day!

Fresh bangs for both!

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Friendly reminder

Whilst I’m on a semi-hiatus from blogging, I am still tweeting! Feel free to follow me. Ohchicken is the name, yo.

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The children experienced pee-wee’s playhouse for the first
time this evening. Afterward, I asked j what she thought of it, to
which she replied, “it makes me happy!” Here they are, taking in
the glory of the opening credits, both a bit slack-jawed.

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So I know I pretty much count as a lurker on my own blog–exile hopefully to be over very soon–but I wonder on this national delurking day–are there any lurkers out there? I’d love to say hello.

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1.1.11 or back to 0.

Pardon my excessive absence. Computer is still very not replaced. Then it was Christmasland. Then zig and I flew to Nashville for Marlei’s wedding. And then yesterday I woke up with an acute sort of backache. Later, I spiked a fever. A trip to urgent care with the whole fambly ensued, and now I’ve got a shiny new kidney infection diagnosis. I fought for the antibiotic that would allow me to nurse and we are all hopeful that it will cure me.

Last night, h and I found ourselves in bed by 9, her with some knitting and me with a new book. A deluge of fireworks awoke us (and the dogs) at midnight and it looked like Disneyland outside our window. Happy new year we giggled and then I took some more Tylenol for my chills.

Interesting goodbye and hello to the years, yes, but I am ever grateful to be snug in my bed. In my home. In my family.

Happy new year, friends. Here’s to a new computer and more prolific posting soon.

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