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so close, but…

this is what my opk looks like this afternoon. it’s the darkest it’s been, but still lighter than the control.

what say yous? think it’ll go all the way?


clicky please.

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cd18. still negative.  we gave the coach a day off yesterday.

i am trying very hard not to fall apart over this.
but i ache.

clomid promised ovulation within 10 days.  last month–the dry run month–was perfect. i naively thought this month would be the same.  i’ve got all the ovulation symptoms, except for the temperature shift and positive test.

i’m worried about this being an anovulatory month, even with the clomid.  and, forgive the pun, i put a lot of eggs in this month’s basket.  when i was in pennsylvania last week, my focal point for getting through the grief and stress was getting home, getting to try–actually having a real shot at it this month.

it’s still too early to call.  i’m not giving up hope.  without clomid, i usually ovulate around cd21, so i know i’m not out of the game.

h is being very supportive. right now she’s out getting the makings for homemade waffles.

have any of you had issues with clomid not fulfilling its promises?

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