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inching closer…

this afternoon’s opk, as photographed by my imac’s photobooth–at work.


it’s mostly equal in the darkness, except for a tiny lighter stripe. total whiskey tango foxtrot, especially when i really, really don’t have the cash to purchase a more expensive [read: clearer] opk.

i guess i’ll just watch my temps. i have a clomid check appt on weds. hopefully i’ll be happily luteal.

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still negative this morning. the opks i can afford are such mindfucks.  they look like they’re juuuuust about dark enough, but not quite.  they are the reason for alcohol abuse amongst women trying to conceive.

…temp is up a little, but not enough to make me think i’ve ovulated.

had nasty, nasty o cramps the other night, which are now gone. so. maybe?  we insemmed that night.

going to call the doctor today, schedule a progesterone test.

and now i’m going to drink a well deserved cup of coffee.

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