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please continue to ignore the lack of text on this blog, whilst i distract you with TWO! videos, both of which make me giggle a whole lot.

first: the shyness. even photos of strangers make jude shy now.

second: proof that she is no longer a baby, but a danger toddler.

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sick h.
sick j.
so far, healthy me.
overtime city.
too many snacks.
not enough meals.
getting to see my child for an average of 1 hour per day.

the sum: sorely neglected blog.

oh, but: haircut!
Photo 24

[smiles now imported from china.]

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placeholder cheese.

it’ll be back to non-password protected shenanigans as usual shortly, 14 month letter specifically. until then, have some cheese:

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password protected post ahead. do leave a comment or email me for passwordy goodness.


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Protected: wondering.

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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i do.

recently, jude has been talking up a storm, with furrowed or raised brows. she is way animated and adamant. only, no one can understand a word she’s saying. however, the words and phrases are consistent, and clearly have meaning. everyday, she practices her words in bed while falling asleep or waking up. through the monitor, we sometimes hear the clear word “badon”, which, obviously, means “balloon”. but mostly, she just speaks her own dialect of jude-english, and we wait for the translation.

i had a break through this morning.

one of jude’s phrases sounds remarkably like “i do”. she says it at random times, and it’s usually reserved for h or me.

this morning, as i got her up from her nap, jude gave me a big hug. and i said, as i always seem to say, “i love you. i do i do i do,” as i squeezed her tight. she replied, “i do.”

funny. i never even realized i said it. ever. it’s one of those mama phrases that just tumbles out of my mouth, straight from my squishy little heart. and now? she says it back.

i do, too, jude. i do, too.

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still here. so much to say, so little time. a proper post is coming soon, hopefully before jude’s next letter. stay with me?

here. have a photo of a cute baby child. (and hott mama.)
Photo 437

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