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our fambly as of today.

meet our fambly:

the pack.

in the background: charley and lucy, aka the girls.
in the foreground: clem and moe, aka the boys.

i never thought we would be the stereotypical lesbians who collect a managerie of pets.
and yet.
we have four dogs.
and four cats.

pee ess: is anyone out there?

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Please follow this link to help end insurance discrimination in Texas. We need all the help we can get here.

And pass it on.

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spit and ferns.

ovulite and the like. any thoughts? i love the microscope. i love the cost effectiveness. but when all signs point to fertile, i still see no ferns. i’ve used a flat, non-bubbly sample from my finger. i’ve drooled on it. any methods i’m missing?

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and so it begins.

i have no idea what i’m doing. that’s a fair enough place to start, yes?

i’ve been lurking and intermittently commenting on lesbian ttc/pregnancy/parenting blogs for a little while now. i am a prolific blogger on my public site, and so it feels odd to create this other, more secret blog. who knows, i may open it up to the world that knows me already. someday. but for now, i desperately need a place to process information and emotion out loud, to a community of sisters (and brothers) who understand the insanity of what h. and i are about to undertake.

there is a story of how this all came to be, but that’s another post. for now, this is why i’m here at all: i am going to try to get pregnant starting this may. we have a kd and two backup pkd’s waiting in the wings. we are ridiculously blessed with men in our lives. we will first give it the old college try with ivi and sexy syringe. as of today, i’m preparing my body. i’ve damn near quit smoking after 10 years of never, ever thinking i could. prenatal vitamins. charting out the wazoo. i’ve never thought of myself in terms of such variables. i’m still getting used to the idea.

also, i am bipolar. for the past year, i have only been on prozac and wellbutrin, while stabililzing my moods with lots of exercise (and ahem, nicotine). i have been prozac-free for three weeks now, and it will be completely out of my system before we begin the babymaking. wellbutrin has a much shorter halflife, and i will also have quit that by may. any insight into this process would be greatly appreciated.

there are so many amazing women out there who are (or have been) in my boat, and i very much look forward to meeting you. i will need your wisdom.

so. here we go. anyone out there yet?

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