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so, jude has a nasty ass rash on her abdomen and legs. it’s not heat rash, definitely not poison ivy or anything sinister like that. from the moment we saw it, our suspicions immediately turned to the ban roll-on looking bottles of avon paint-on soap stuff that jude got as a gift this weekend from nana. a day of benadryl and cortisone didn’t seem to help. jude can’t stop with the scratching. add to that the mosquito bite welts on her legs–which happened while she was wearing off for kids–and she is a miserable itchy mess. “biittes!” she wails, digging her nails into her thighs. “oh no, mommy! biiiites!”

h took her to the dr this morning to make sure that our rash diagnosis was correct–that we weren’t exposing everyone with whom j comes in contact to some highly contagious awfulness. and we were right. h just chatted me: contact dermatitis, aka avonitis.

*shakes fist at the sky*
damn you, avon!

j was given two topical rxes. one is a stronger-than-our-cortisone anti-itch cream, and the other an antibacterial to prevent infection. we were also advised to put both creams on jude’s bites.

so, you who are (or have kids who are) allergic to mosquito bites, and prone to being bitten even while wearing protection, this is the point at which i ask for your help. does anything work to fully prevent bites for you? are you willing to share your secrets with me? please please and thank you.

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the past weeks have been strange ones. balance has been precarious (as evidenced by my spectacular fall) all around me. an airplane crashed a moment behind me. last weekend, a (thankfully unoccupied) house around the corner from us BLEW UP at 2 am, days after thieves stole the oven and left the gas on. our house shook. the neighborhood was full of smoke and the bright orange and blue of a gas fire. the safe womb of home i’ve worked so hard to create feels like it’s been encroached upon. my hackles are raised. my heart is fearful that we’re next, that disaster is looming in a close, darkened corner.

this precarious balance has been exacerbated by how little i’ve seen my wife and daughter this week. h has taken a babysitting job caring for bobby, jude’s bff. it’s only 2 hours a day: 10am till noon. this past week, however, h has been needed from 8-12. every morning, i’ve blearily kissed my girls goodbye from bed before getting myself ready for work. every day, i arrive home within a half hour of jude’s bedtime. i’ve interacted with my child for half hour a day this week. h and i go to bed soon after jude does.

i’ve felt very alone all week, as i hobbled through every workday. i am grateful for my job, for insurance, for stability, but it does not do much for feeling awake and alive to the wonder of the world, if you know what i mean. with my wondergirls missing from my day, i watched the proverbial tumbleweed roll by.

but today is saturday. h is off at the home depot, with big plans for composting and gardening and weed-eating. j is stirring but still napping. she wrapped herself around my legs this morning, screaming “MOMMMEEEEEEEE! MOMMMEEEEEEE!” she debuted some new words for me too: charley! choochoo! hotdog! we have two whole days together. tonight, h and i have a date with some friends, as uncle g spends the eve with j. oh connection. i’m so grateful.

and on monday, as a fambly, we’ll gather to watch ziggy for the first time on a big tv, and we’ll wonder altogether at just how blessed, and connected, we are .

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for your wednesday

listen to this.

all i gots is wow. and teary-eyed wonderful. peter gabriel is magic. that is all.

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greetings from the outpost of 6-weeks-pregnant land.  i’m a bit sluggish today, vaguely nauseous, and actually satiated in the gyro dept.  last night, h made me a fabulous (boil in bag!) indian meal.  some sort of spicy tomato sauce with paneer, peas, rice, and a pork chop.  sour cream was needed to dial down the hotness.  omg.  it was a religious experience.  the right foods right now make me cry with joy.  so VERY different from last pregnancy.

poor jude is sick. we’re in the thick of cedar fever here, and she’s been congested for over a week now. yesterday, she woke up with a fever and snot so thick that she handed it to me. infection had set in. she’s on the mend, thanks to antibiotics and her faithful vaporizer, and is currently 20 minutes into her second nap of the day…after being awake for two hours after her last nap. and that nap? lasted four hours.

she is 19 months old now. and i have a letter in my head, ready to write. and i will write it soon, too. i’m just so sleeeeepy.

as we read a book before this most recent nap (los pollitos dicen), jude pointed at a cow and said “booooo”. she’s never made a cow sound before, and i’m not sure if that’s her first approximation of “moooo” or if it’s the congestion. i asked her what kind of animal it was, and she answered “dow”.

[unkempt hair. refuses clips.]

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  • here comes nausea, slowly but surely. at least i am still hungry. and oh so hungry for gyros. tzatziki was created by jesus for my absolute joy, i’m sure of it. (tearing up a little just thinking about it.)
  • when jude was sparky, she used to wake me up every night at 3 am, beginning in the first trimester.  ziggy?  5 am.  late sleeping embryo.  i dig.
  • my belly, she is already expanding.
  • my mother asked if this pregnancy was intentional.
  • um.
  • jude is cutting the remainder of her teeth simultaneously.  she holds both her hands over her whole mouth and wails mournfully.  i wish i could give her vicodin and a glass of wine.
  • we took jude to the circus this weekend.  she gave the eyebrows of disapproval to the old shriner man in the fez , was indifferent to the big kitties and elephant, and ignored the clowns.  she loved the dogs (DOGS!) and the highwire motorcycle man.  she signed ‘more’ over and over when his act was over.
  • did i mention i could really, REALLY go for a gyro?
  • tomorrow is my first midwife appointment!
  • tzatziki. mmm.

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today is jude’s 17 month birthday. i am currently trying rather hard to make the time to write a letter, spanning the last TWO months.

*frustrated sigh*

i really hope that day is tomorrow.

for now? snapshots.

yesterday, i had to turn around on my way to work, in order to return the phone and wallet h had left in my bag. upon re-entering the house, mere moments after having left, i found an unsuspecting jude straddling h’s lap on the couch, fork in hand, eating all the sweet potatoes (cooked fried potato style) off h’s plate. h appeared unable to move from underneath our foodhound. jude didn’t even notice me.

when i came home from work last night, i found jude taking her bath while wearing green-tinted baby sunglasses. she screamed with delight when she saw me. the sunglasses went all askew.

boots the monkey was in my dream the other night. he was a present tense cartoon, narcissistic as ever, and late for some playdate or something with jude. i was angry. i was angry with a cartoon. sweet lord.

the end.

ETA: ooo! i forgot. here is the first fruit of the orange tree we planted last year. i boasted posted this on fb earlier, but may have left out the fact that we buried jude’s placenta under the orange tree.

[it was a beautiful fruit, btw. but very bland in flavor. le sigh.]

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blood with a vengeance, yo, just in time for halloween. whee!

so if you’re looking for word substance, you’ll have to wait a day. because right now i’m ridiculously hungry, devoid of whiskey, and did i mention the ghoulish cramps?

but tomorrow? tomorrow is nablopomo (too lazy to link.) and it’s on. i may suck. i may fail. but it is on.

pee ess, no costume for jude this year, but here she is in her honorary flowergirl getup, making a “funny face” on command:

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ohchicken is:

  • sick. again. she had way less sinus infections when she smoked a pack a day.
  • cd12.  negative opk. twingy in the right twingy places.  soon.
  • the proud parent to a child who can sing (only intelligibly to her mothers) “twinkle twinkle little star”, but only the first bar.  and it sounds more like “kle kle kle kle *mumble* tar”.
  • so happy to have met the rajen fambly this weekend.  photos are forthcoming.
  • not sure when she’ll find the time to upload many photos from her camera.
  • ready to breathe through her nose again.
  • so over the flavor of menthol.
  • flu negative, according to the swab and blood tests she had yesterday.

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sick h.
sick j.
so far, healthy me.
overtime city.
too many snacks.
not enough meals.
getting to see my child for an average of 1 hour per day.

the sum: sorely neglected blog.

oh, but: haircut!
Photo 24

[smiles now imported from china.]

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the other morning, h and i were snuggling in bed, all intertwined limbs and post lovin’ smiles, when the weirdest thing happened. we heard a *scritch scritch scritch* on our (upstairs) bedroom window, and glanced over in time to see two sparrows perched precariously on the screen, copulating.

their brazen lewd act only lasted a moment (poor girl bird), but they both stared right at us as they were going at it.

“holy hell, are our pheromones that strong?” h said.
“it’s a sign!” i said
“you’re gonna blog this, right?” she said.
“oh yes,” i said.

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