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charting one’s temp is shite when one has become a congested mouthbreather.

peep this beast:

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[note: for those readers who have no desire to know about charting cycles, you may want to skip this post entirely. it will be very boring for you.]

so.  yesterday.  cd12.  i had a significant temp shift.  i did temp at 5 am, instead of the usual 7:30ish. opk was negative. i chalked it up to being sick, and crappy sleep. today is (natch) cd13, and temp is up for a 2nd day. opk was ridiculously positive. test line was twice as dark as the control. obviously, we are going to insem tonight.

my question lies with yesterday’s temp. i have never had a temp shift before a +opk. i usually ovulate the day after my first +. oh charting masters, when do you think O day will be? today? tomorrow? how would you plan insems if you were in my ovaries shoes?

here is a visual:

Picture 1

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i said this last month too.

in flagrant violation of rule 13 of oneofhismoms’ how to inseminate at home guide, i am cocking my head and wondering: is this an implantation dip? could it really be true?

or. did i fall asleep with the thermometer in my mouth yesterday morning, only to find it underneath my belly when i woke up?

we’ll know the truth in a few days.

pee ess. other symptoms include constant craving of protein (i had eggs, porkchop, hummus, and chicken yesterday), the joy of constipation, and lower back pain. clearly, i am pregnant.  fuck the psychic.

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implantation dip?

6-7dpo. today’s psychosomatic symptoms include:

lower back pain
very low energy/exhaustion
no appetite

i had a temp dip yesterday. implantation? what say you?

(clicky as per usual…)

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ladies (and gentlemen?), i am proud to present: ovulation.

(click as per usual.)
what do you think about our insem timing the last 2 times?

i’m so excited that i actually ovulated!  this month is our first real chance to be pregnant…

and we’re in the the 2ww officially.

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can’t sleep.

oy i really should be sleeping.

just wanted to say, temp up 2 days in a row.  one more and we’ve got ovulation, captain.

now back to bed with this girl. i have a snuggly warm h awaiting…

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