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at 25 weeks pregnant, a shift has happened. i’ve (already) started to become a lumbering, uncomfortable whiner. i don’t mean to whine, and to be fair, it’s more wheezing than whining. because zig is already hitting my diaphragm when i’m sitting, or when jude is sitting on my (fast disappearing) lap. thank GOD i’m still spared when standing, but i know these deep breaths will be short-lived.

i’m still not gaining any weight, but peep this kinda blurry belleh! you wouldn’t believe the groaning that spills forth from my lips as i turn over in bed, or sit down, or stand up. it’s pathetic.

these pics were taken at a local splashpad this weekend, where a naked jude had a blast with all the water, as well as all the offleash doggies she got to play with. incidentally, readers, how do you feel about naked toddlers in a public splash area? we usually at least have j in a swim diaper, but didn’t have any with us, and so we let her be a free range chicken. my sister freaks out every time she hears about or sees a naked j, even in the privacy of our backyard, and i’m wondering if this is her own issue, or if we’re totally missing a broader social cue. discuss.

note: she was wearing shoes.


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one bananie. one big jude. two pregnancies.

the hottness = jude + sparky + bananie

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20/1 months.

my darling jude,

when you’re reading through these archives years from now, and wonder where your 20 month letter is, let me reassure you: it’s not lost. it is here. with your 21 month letter. i’m sorry i didn’t write last month. here are my excuses: continued nausea/exhaustion from incubating your sibling, the fact that you and i fell down the stairs and i saved your life, but broke my tailbone, and well, the leftover energy from the previous reasons was used to chase after your fast, toddler self.

i really don’t know how to begin to describe life with you right now. i’m gonna go with this: it’s equal parts ordered and chaotic. your days have become comfortably routine.  here come the bullet points!

  • you wake up, watch sesame street or curious george (lovingly referred to as ‘that damn monkey’ or ‘tdm’ by your mothers),
  • you feed yourself your morning yogurt, steal sips of my coffee and bites of my bagel with cream cheese
  • you head off to bobby’s house with mama and play with his toys for a couple hours
  • you have lunch
  • you sleep for about 3 hours
  • you demand to go outside, where you playplayplayplayplay until you’re lugged back inside against your will
  • you eat dinner
  • you play/watch dora or yo gabba gabba, etc
  • you have a bath
  • you run to the door to greet me as i arrive home from work
  • we read books together, you nurse for about 1 minute and then you ask to go to bed
  • you sleep for the next 11ish hours, usually without waking

in the middle of this schedule, this order, the chaos ensues. your independent streak grows stronger and more defiant every day. you gnash your teeth at the outfit choices presented to you. you wail angrily when you’re thwarted from dangerous activities. you hit when you’re frustrated. you run away when we say “come here”. all of these behaviors? awesome, in its true definition: adjective – extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear.

the good news is that you are still pretty easy to distract or redirect. your mama bought an egg timer to help you with transitions, like bedtime. you’re great with five minute warnings. i love that timer. you seem to want to move out of the chaotic moments, back into the snuggly, fun ones.

you hug with great passion and strength. you went through a phase where you called me daddy, and though it was SO funny, my heart melted the first time you purposely called me Mah-meeeee! now, you often throw your sticky arms around my neck so we’re cheek to cheek, and you say, loudly in my ear, “ohhhh mah-mee! ohhhhh mah-mee! ohhhh!” and you squeeze me tightly. you’ll never know how much i love when you do that.

you’ve become a whiz at names. you love to correctly identify your people and pets: maMAA, mah-meee, choo (jude), sal!, dahchee (charley, also morphs into “doggy”), deggy (uncle g), bah-bee, dabby (gabby), etc. you’ve also developed a love affair with trains (choo choo!) and, oddly enough, the word “hot dog”, which you say over and over all day long. we’ve taught you to use it as an exclamation. you also love to count, and though you can’t get past 3 yet, you like for us to keep going as you point to countable objects. you’re equally enthralled with letters, and can correctly identify O, E and J.

at the time of this writing, you have purposely peed in your potty exactly once, by the way. you have peed and pooped on the floor more than once. that’s all i’ll say about that.

you have a crush on dora’s holier-than-thou cousin diego. you hate to have your hair brushed. you have 12 1/2 teeth. you still love cheese. every day, there is nowhere i’d rather be than playing with you.

i love you,

pretty sure she's emphatically yelling "KITTY!"
diva, with dog! and kitty! on a wagon ride around the kitchen.
chef judith
fambly silly.

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this morning was ziggy’s first photoshoot. and aside from the nasty looks given to me by the receptionist for not having bloodwork done to do genetic testing, the whole experience was delightful. (she couldn’t fathom why we would want an ultrasound without having the genetic testing done.)

in the ultrasound room, h wrangled jude. jude pointed at the big tv screen a lot and said “hi’. uncle g sat silently taking it all in. and i lay there, reminding myself to be present to the reality that i was watching my baby, my son or daughter, skooch away from the transducer. right in front of me was my baby’s face, arms, legs, heart beating 163 bpm. jude was staring at her sibling, my 2nd child. all of this–the pregnancy, the hopes, the fears–is so very real.

dear readers, meet ziggy, at 12w2d:

waving hand:

ziggy's first headshot.
(that nose! those lips!)

full body shot:
full body profile.

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snow day.

on tuesday, it snowed a bit in austin. i may have been on bedrest, but i sure as hell wasn’t going to miss jude’s first moments experiencing february flakes for herself. so i hobbled outside, took some pictures, and hobbled back inside.
first time touching snow:
first time touching snow.

mama shows j how to taste the flakes:
february flakes

my snowbaby:


[someday, jude will experience the “real” snow of my childhood. and she will learn to sled like a pro. someday.]

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good lord, my belly is expanding at an alarming rate. here is proof:


here i am, 9 weeks pregnant with jude. same outfit. same weight:

eesh. i’m not sure how i feel about showing so much so soon. last time, i loved having a big, hard, round belly. however, right now, i’m just a jelly-bellied girl, who feels like she’s been drinking too many beers. on the other hand, i’m grateful to have such reassurance that ziggy is in there, healthy and growing. so, basically, i’m going to stop whining, and take a nap.

happy sunday!

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19 months.

dear jude,

you will have to excuse mommy’s lack of words this month. you and i have begun this conversation already, but we all need to be reminded of what unseen things are happening in my uterus. as i write this letter, i am in my seventh week of pregnancy with your sibling. we call your sibling ziggy. and ziggy is making your mommy very, very nauseous. take now, for instance. i am pausing between sentences, negotiating with my esophagus, begging for no puking action. so far, so good. let us proceed.

i don’t want this letter to YOU to be about your unborn sibling. sweet lord, i want to do everything i can to quell your inevitable rivalry. but i want you to know that i understand the fact that you might not be over the moon about this baby. your uncle g is reading a book called siblings without rivalry, and he summed up a great passage for us recently. it went like this: imagine you are happily married. your spouse says, “hey, this marriage is going so well, there is so much love here, let’s add another wife to the family! this new wife will share everything we already have together, and oh yeah, she also will need to wear your old clothes. sorry i didn’t really tell you about this, but she’s on her way now!” how would you feel?

yes, i know you’ll be so excited to be a big sister, to help take care of a baby, etc. but, your whole reality is going to shift rather quickly, and at 19 months old, there is no way for us to really prepare you for that. so. let this letter be a testament to the fact that i know this is going to be a hard transition for you. and i am going to do and be everything i can to help you remain secure in your identity as My Beloved Child.

moving on.

this month, you’ve continued to deepen your relationships with the dogs. we couldn’t be more pleased that you and charleydog are so tight that she rolls over at your feet and hopes for tummy rubs.


christmas. holy moly did you ever love christmas. as i may have mentioned last month, your big present was this:

and when you discovered it, you looked like this:

and you still grin like that every time you slide. which is all day, every day.

here are some visual christmas highlights:

christmas eve dancing:

licking your lips in anticipation:

jumping on bubblewrap at gabby and pop pop’s:


dwarfed by gabby and pop pop’s christmas tree:

a christmas worth remembering. we spent the night at gabby and pop pop’s, which you loved. you ran around the house without ceasing until you collapsed. and then we grownups played dominoes until the wee hours. i did not win.

this month, you have been a delight. you are busy busy, all day long. and when we are out and about, that means your moms never stop moving, either. but, at home, you are confident about your run of the house, and are able to play by yourself for minutes at a time. your mama and i often sit together on the couch and watch you share water or milk or cheese with dolls, cars, dora, the tv. (your word of the month is ‘share’, which sounds like ‘sheeee-oo’.) your actual sharing technique with other toddlers is still a tad precarious, but we’re working on it. when you melt down, you recover quickly. thank you for that.

alright, my darling. i’m feeling a bit piqued and am going to close. but know that i cherish every moment with you as i grow your brother or sister. you may be my firstborn, but you will always be my baby.

i love you so.

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