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well hello.  so yesterday,  i began to password-protect some of my old posts.  apparently, some of you received new post notifications when i made my edits.  sorry to disappoint you! but it warms my heart to no end to know that you’re still interested in this dusty old blog.

it’s been a good and necessary thing to take a break from telling a public story this year.  i’ve spent this time learning how to journal again.  (it had been years since i’d written anything without a public filter.) 

this silent year has been one of journeying back into the center of all the things that matter, and the work is intimate and delicate. it’s not the stuff of present tense blogging.  

but there is still much to say.  and i feel as though i may dust off this blog soon.  i can’t not chronicle the new, kindergarten chapter of the fambly now, can i?

more to come.



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