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more cupcake!

a proper post is coming, hopefully before the day is over, but in the meantime, i would love to share what has become my favorite jude video ever. i’ve seen it about a dozen times now and i can’t help but giggle every time until my eyes water. h not-so-secretly hopes this video goes viral, just for the potential remixes.

i know that 3 minutes is long for a here-watch-my-kid-eat-a-cupcake video, but it’s totally worth it. trust me.

without further ado, i am proud to present jude in her latest feature: more cupcake!

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yeah. still sick here. on the last day of my z-pack and definitely showing signs of improvement. but holy hell. i’m not even gonna go into the whining portion of this post.

here’s a fun bonus, though: h threw her back out on saturday, whilst scrubbing the shower stall in phase 1 of operation home birth 2.0. by sunday, she could not move at all, and i am still, well, very pregnant with a broken tailbone, so poor jude was all but changing her own diapers. [sidenote, when asked if she would like to ditch the diapers forEVER by just using the potty already, she replies “NO! I not ready!”] sweet savior uncle g took j to gabby and pop pop’s for the day while i took h to the dr. (yep, same dr i visited just 2 days previous.) they gave her a shot in the ass, along with prescriptions for pain pills and muscle relaxers, and she’s slowly gotten her groove back. we’re still at about 50/50 with the judecare, however, which was at a solid 75/25 before she hurt herself. so, now i am gimpy from doing the things i’m probably too pregnant to do anymore.

gosh, this has been a fun week.

both my girls are sound asleep at the moment, so i think i’ll take this opportunity to wash my hair for the first time in many lots of days. ta!

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disappearing act.

hi friends. please forgive my bigger-than-normal absence around these parts. yes, i’m still withchild. barely, it feels like.

so, i began my maternity leave about two weeks ago now. and i’ve been on a modified sort of bedrest since. as i’ve been telling everyone who asks how i’m doing, i had now idea just HOW tired i was until i laid down. i am not going stircrazy with all the time i spend in bed. it’s glorious and feels like a feast of rest. everytime i hobble up the steps toward my room, jude says, “have a good nap, mommy!”

i’ve also been a sick chicken over the last week. telltale sniffles took us all over last weekend. jude had a spiky fever for a day, and then she was done. h has remained vaguely snotty and meh, but functional thanks to the makers of generic dayquil. i, however, have devolved into a stuffy-headed, phlegm-infested, neti pot-resenting pregnant person with a motherfucking cold. i suspect that the cold is morphing into a sinus infection, so i’m headed out to the dr in a bit in search of relief.

so, that there is my explanation of absence around these parts. here is hoping a zpack brings me back to the land of the living soon.

in the meantime, here is a pic of my gigantic son-belly in a mumu, my new uniform:

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Sick chicken edition belly shot. And now back to sleep.

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you want this.

sarah masen’s music has been part of my story for 14 years. and now you can invite her into yours for free. all you need to do is go here.

you’re so totally about to thank me.

you’re welcome.

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