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photo friday: red.

inspired by e., red for me this week is my jesse cat, also known in our house as yesiquito.

sleepy cat sessions.
post tuna jesse.
jesse is practicing for the christmas pageant.


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alayna asked if i’m starting clomid b/c we’re continuing ttc, or if i’m just trying to get my body on track. the answer is pretty much the former.

we are going to give my cycle a trial run w/ clomid to see how it all goes. we weren’t planning on insemming in july anyway, so the pressure is off. thankfully, i still feel productive with all the details to manage, and so i’m not sad about missing another month. if all goes well, we will begin the process again in august, and continue through october (if necessary!) to try for a summer baby.

so there you have it.
thanks for asking, alayna 🙂

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i talked to dr c’s nurse this morning. not surprisingly, my progesterone levels taken in the blood test last week were very very low. i did not ovulate.

also, today is cd 41. the spotting has stopped.

if i don’t get my period by monday, intervention numero uno will be provera, then c-c-c-clomid.
if i do get my period by monday, i will begin c-c-c-clomid.

and there you have it. PLAN B in full effect.

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whiskey tango foxtrot

cd 39. fertility friend is quite confused by my temps. one day, it will estimate a day of ovulation. the next day, it changes its mind.

i’ve been spotting for five days. not heavy enough to be called “light” and therefore starting a new cycle, so i’m in limbo.  dr c wants me to fax in a copy of my chart.

very frustrated with my reproductive system tonight.  meh.

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i haven’t had my camera on me this week as weather happened, and so here are last year’s juneish weather shots, all taken from my (former) porch.

behold, bipolar austin:

pink lightning
busy sky.
more of my perfect sunset.

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hey friends, i need your help.  i have a discussion going on over at my other blog that stemmed, funnily enough, from my wink toward james dobson in my post yesterday.

i’d love for you to add your thoughtful voices to the discussion.  the entry is here.
a lot of conservative christians read my blog, and i think that, despite the likely troll who started it all, this can be an interesting dialogue.  join me?

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10 am: dentist. pick up new nightguard. have tooth drilled.

11 am: sit in dr’s office with h, as she is told she has her first ear infection ever.

noon: lunch

1:45: h. and i arrive at dermatologist’s office, for matching appointments. (ahhhh! sweet, huh?)

3:30: have 2 moles removed. h has 1. also, the freezing of the warts.

4:00 have blood drawn (by community college student) for progesterone test. even though i’m spotting. because even though i know i’m about to get my period–early, without any ovulation–part of me wonders if i’m having ovulation spotting.

5:00 nap.
(that’s now.)

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