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for e.

here are the random search terms by which people find this site.

hippie HOLLOW PICTURES (capitalization not mine)
stirrups doctor
“sperm inside me for the first time”
buy basal thermometer in austin, tx
hippie hollow photos
“1956 gibson guitar”
anyone get pregnant with a 38 day cycle?
fuzzy kittens
skinning dipping austin
hot lesbians going at it
‘hotlesbian going at it’

spot on, yes?


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last night i dreamt i was in germany, visiting bb & sarah and nicholas (and he was every bit as cute in my dream as in pics). my whole family was with me, which was odd. i think i was pregnant as well. and then i ended up in a nasty bathroom with an overflowing toilet. (i swear it wasn’t my poo!) i immediately ran away, lest anyone think i’d caused the nastiness.

thanks trista.

on the ttc front, still no ovulation signs. low temps still (on cd 25), as well as full ferning for the 11th? 12th? day. wtf?
i’m going to the dr on friday afternoon to discuss further testing.

i’m a bit nervous.

that’s all i gots today.

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