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no change with the opk’s. still the mindfuck shade of is-it-lighter pink.

temp is back down again this morning. cd21.

symptoms are all still accounted for:

entertaining ewcm. (i actually summon h to the bathroom to show her with pride.)
o cramps in my lower back and down my left leg.
a practically unreachable cervix. “ooo lips,” said h. and definitely open.

we did insem last night. poor coach. FIVE times this month.

remember last month’s beauty pageant-winning chart?
here’s this month’s monstrosity:
picture-2.png (sorry for the need to clicky. i really need to work out the formatting issues.)

on a sillier note, i found out that i’m not pregnant. my opks came with a free pregnancy test that looked a lot like the ovulation tests, except clear. i thought it was just defective or something. and then i looked at the box after i took the test and got a decidedly negative result. smack head.

ok. question. my doctor has not mentioned the option of trigger shots at this point. should i ask for this? i really know very little about them, how they’re used in conjunction w/ clomid, etc. would you wise women school me? my appt is tomorrow afternoon, so a little advice before then would be ever so helpful.

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last night, we had a great time at the swim meet. we drove over to the coach’s house to pick up the swimmers, and came home to insem with a little more privacy than before. (usually, the coach sits outside and waits for us to finish before we all play cards.)

i’m fairly certain we’ve started a little early, since i’m still – opk, but the whole experience between h and i was so tender. even with a newly-introduced catheter, it felt the least clinical of all our attempts. we were making love, and making a baby. and we smiled and giggled.

afterward, the coach did come over for a rousing game of canasta. it was a perfect night.

hopefully i’ll get a positive reading tonight or tomorrow morning, and we’ll try again!

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so i went to the ob today. dr. c., aka dr. no nonsense. i brought my charts like a good little girl, and today’s pee stick so she could see that the darkest line i’ve seen is still lighter than the control. she pored over my meticulous charts for a few minutes and came up with this:

1. i have not ovulated this month.
2. either i’m ovulating today or my temperature will go back down again tomorrow.
3. saliva test isn’t going to work for me. “it appears that you have salty spit,” she said without a hint of sarcasm.
4. opks might not be working for me either.
5. dr c. really thinks i ovulated last month.
6. she wants me to use my bbt as primary prediction method.
7. if my temps stay up after today, i’m getting a progesterone test to make sure everything’s ok.
8. if everything is ok and my cycles are simply long with an o day of cd 21-24, then we’ll start doing ultrasounds during o week to better pinpoint.
9. if 7 & 8 indicate no ovulation, then she’d like to introduce c-c-c-c-clomid.

at one point in the conversation, i accidentally referred to clomid as chlamydia.

so. time to dust off my memory about my insurance coverage for infertility treatments.

the good news: dr c. is not a hardcore clomid pusher.
the bad news: she is concerned that, with my long cycles and tendency toward annovulatory cycles, i will need to go the clomid route in the end: “otherwise, you might be trying to get pregnant for years…”

i’m letting all of this sink in at the moment.
meanwhile, i am wicked constipated and my belly hurts and my back is throbbing.

happy weekend, y’all.
maybe i’ll post a friday photo to cheer myself up.

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timing is everything.

i thought i had my cycle figured out.

this sluggish sickness is taking its toll on my chart. and i am utterly confused.
we insemmed again last night, even though i had a very faint line on the opk. it’s been light for the past two days, after a dark-but-still-lighter-than-baseline reading on friday. my rationale is that i had peaked before i did the test, since my cervix is wide open and ready for business. it’s h’s job to check cervical position–which i enjoy, btw :)–and yesterday she said “wow” as she poked around. she’d never felt me so open. so. then there is the spotting and ewcm on saturday. yesterday it was watery. and the ovulation crampiness yesterday as well.

does that not sound like i’m ovulating? my body tells me i am. ff is hesitant to agree.
so frustrating. the good news is that the coach is totally laid back about the whole thing, and if we end up needing him next week, he’s fine with that. he says he has found the meaning of his life: masturbating for the good of others.

last night, after the deed was done, i lay propped up on the floor, fighting off dogs who just wanted to lick my face. h and the coach relaxed on the couch, and we all watched the most edifying tv ever: celebreality on vh1. how i love it. as we giggled at the antics of dustin diamond on celebrity fit club, the coach asked, “so how are my boys doing up there?”

he is the most bestest man ever.

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first time.

i have sperm inside me for the first time.

right now.

i’m propped. right now.

h and the coach are sharing a cigarette in mutual celebration.

this is probably early. opk’s are still a little light. but, i have: ewcm. spotting. constipation. open, soft cervix.
so.  the coach donated early.  after i’m done laying here, we’ll play some canasta and call it a night.


we did it.  with a little help from preseed and pornotube.
we are officially ttc.

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spit and ferns.

ovulite and the like. any thoughts? i love the microscope. i love the cost effectiveness. but when all signs point to fertile, i still see no ferns. i’ve used a flat, non-bubbly sample from my finger. i’ve drooled on it. any methods i’m missing?

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