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so i went to the ob today. dr. c., aka dr. no nonsense. i brought my charts like a good little girl, and today’s pee stick so she could see that the darkest line i’ve seen is still lighter than the control. she pored over my meticulous charts for a few minutes and came up with this:

1. i have not ovulated this month.
2. either i’m ovulating today or my temperature will go back down again tomorrow.
3. saliva test isn’t going to work for me. “it appears that you have salty spit,” she said without a hint of sarcasm.
4. opks might not be working for me either.
5. dr c. really thinks i ovulated last month.
6. she wants me to use my bbt as primary prediction method.
7. if my temps stay up after today, i’m getting a progesterone test to make sure everything’s ok.
8. if everything is ok and my cycles are simply long with an o day of cd 21-24, then we’ll start doing ultrasounds during o week to better pinpoint.
9. if 7 & 8 indicate no ovulation, then she’d like to introduce c-c-c-c-clomid.

at one point in the conversation, i accidentally referred to clomid as chlamydia.

so. time to dust off my memory about my insurance coverage for infertility treatments.

the good news: dr c. is not a hardcore clomid pusher.
the bad news: she is concerned that, with my long cycles and tendency toward annovulatory cycles, i will need to go the clomid route in the end: “otherwise, you might be trying to get pregnant for years…”

i’m letting all of this sink in at the moment.
meanwhile, i am wicked constipated and my belly hurts and my back is throbbing.

happy weekend, y’all.
maybe i’ll post a friday photo to cheer myself up.

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