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hey friends, i need your help.  i have a discussion going on over at my other blog that stemmed, funnily enough, from my wink toward james dobson in my post yesterday.

i’d love for you to add your thoughtful voices to the discussion.  the entry is here.
a lot of conservative christians read my blog, and i think that, despite the likely troll who started it all, this can be an interesting dialogue.  join me?

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10 am: dentist. pick up new nightguard. have tooth drilled.

11 am: sit in dr’s office with h, as she is told she has her first ear infection ever.

noon: lunch

1:45: h. and i arrive at dermatologist’s office, for matching appointments. (ahhhh! sweet, huh?)

3:30: have 2 moles removed. h has 1. also, the freezing of the warts.

4:00 have blood drawn (by community college student) for progesterone test. even though i’m spotting. because even though i know i’m about to get my period–early, without any ovulation–part of me wonders if i’m having ovulation spotting.

5:00 nap.
(that’s now.)

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