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with humility.

yesterday, i asked for advice. (thank you.) today, i’m asking for money.
for this little guy.
please donate to the gunther pickles memorial fund.

this is phineas. he is one of two stray kittens we rescued from underneath an abandoned taco stand across the street from our house. we first heard their cries as we buried our beloved gunnie, and found them two days later.

phinny had to go to the vet yesterday after we suspected he had ringworm. (we were right.) the vet diagnosed him with a heart murmur, and he needs further testing soon to know how bad the condition is. testing = expensive. between yesterday’s vet bill and everything with gunnie two weeks ago, we have spent nearly $1000. we simply don’t have the money to do anything else.

the vet said that phineas may have a short life expectancy, like that of gunther. what began as quite the redemption story is turning into a nightmare.

it was our hope to adopt out the kittens as soon as they were free of fleas and worms, but now we have to keep them in isolation for another 5 weeks.

we want to do everything we can to ensure a healthy life for phinny (and his healthy brother, chavez). so. i have set up the gunther pickles memorial fund over at bananie.com.

if you would like to donate, we would be appreciative. very, very appreciative. if this is not something that interests you, that is fine. of course. there are big, big causes out there.

in any case, healthy thoughts and prayers and hopes are welcome and needed.
it’s been a rough month.

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