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today, my 12 year old niece chatted me for commiseration about boys. all her friends are boy crazy, and she is not. she thinks the whole scene is just gross.

i helped raise my niece. i took care of her every day during the first months and years of her life, as my sister’s life was in transition and she needed the help. and now my niece is on the cusp of teenagerdom. and she comes to me for advice, for knowledge.

we talked of periods today. she hasn’t gotten it yet, and is quite curious. does it hurt? how long does it last? etc. i was surprised to hear that her school has never taught about it. she’s about to enter seventh grade! and my sister hasn’t initiated conversation about it either; she’s probably waiting for my niece to bring it up. and so, aunt anne is the source of information.

(i did email my sister alerting her to the fact that her daughter is becoming quite curious, and nervous…)

the conversation with my niece made h and i excited about the role we will get to play in our child’s/children’s life…that we will get to help them wade through the murky waters of adolescence someday. our joy at the opportunity to start a family was rekindled. next month can’t come soon enough. if my cycle behaves itself, i’ll be back in the game in about 5 weeks.


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