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more cupcake!

a proper post is coming, hopefully before the day is over, but in the meantime, i would love to share what has become my favorite jude video ever. i’ve seen it about a dozen times now and i can’t help but giggle every time until my eyes water. h not-so-secretly hopes this video goes viral, just for the potential remixes.

i know that 3 minutes is long for a here-watch-my-kid-eat-a-cupcake video, but it’s totally worth it. trust me.

without further ado, i am proud to present jude in her latest feature: more cupcake!

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bullets ahoy:

  • so very, very nauseous right now.  nothing helps but sleep.  every food upsets my belly and causes cramps that feel like labor.  the cramps bring on braxton hicks.  i hurt.  this sucks.  and is totally normal.
  • but sunday was a relief sort of day.  we ventured over to new friends’ house for a playdate.  we met c&s through a mutual friend in april. c gave birth to a wee baby boy last month–little brother to nearly 3 year old big sister, v.  on sunday, jude and v played and played together, independent of us, in a whole other room even.  and it was interactive play, not just the parallel sort.  it was a wonder to behold for both sets of parents.  a first.  and so excellent.  grownups got to talk like grownups for long, uninterrupted segments of time.  we are all kinds of excited about this developmental milestone.
  • still haven’t forgotten the posts i want to write.  i anticipate the headspace and timespace to write them this week.
  • a video of sweet j this morning. watching super why, and eating breakfast.  peep those brows when she realizes i’m recording her.   and also, peep the need to demonstrate her water-drinking abilities:  “watch jude.”

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our dogs’ names: charley, moe, clem, lucy.
jude’s names for our dogs: sheshe, moe, meow, bao! (lucy makes this noise often.)

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here’s 15 seconds of cute for your friday. you’re welcome.

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this is for one of his moms especially, as she requested that jude at least post while i’m quiet.

tada: jude has mad skillz with noodles, especially whilst watching dora.


i will be back soon.

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please continue to ignore the lack of text on this blog, whilst i distract you with TWO! videos, both of which make me giggle a whole lot.

first: the shyness. even photos of strangers make jude shy now.

second: proof that she is no longer a baby, but a danger toddler.

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placeholder cheese.

it’ll be back to non-password protected shenanigans as usual shortly, 14 month letter specifically. until then, have some cheese:

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so. this is day 2 of my staycation. it’s the time off i reserved for our wedding in iowa, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. of course, neither h nor i are getting cold feet. rather, i had to have a root canal, and that sucked the funds right out of our tiny little bank account. all this to say, surprise! a 5 day staycation, two of which, jude will spend away, with her gabby and pop pop, while h & i do some home improvements. our plans have been thus:

paint the guest room.
paint jude’s room.
replace the library of mass destruction [read: repository for all our shit in boxes, cat hair, and books] with a big, square, safe room for jude.

nothing could thwart our plans for productivity.

but. yesterday, jude started sneezing and being feverish and begging for tylenol. “more!” she’d sign, over and over, while pointing at the bottle of grape-flavored crack-aminofen. she was whiny and clingy, but still well enough to be whiny and clingy at gabby’s house.

and then i woke up in the middle of the night last night with a sore throat of doom. i made an early morning loogie, only to find yellow nastiness staring back at me. fail.

so. jude and i have been “meh” partners all day. we’ve watched pooh over and over. we’ve shared butterscotch pudding. she’s tried to fish cough drops out of my mouth with a giggle. we’ve read goodnight gorilla a bazillion times. she is sleeping at the moment, engaging in that fabled third nap i’ve heard parents speak of in hushed tones from time to time.

here’s one of the day’s highlights:

do excuse the tylenol-stained tshirt. i won’t tell you that she’s been wearing it for longer than 24 hours now.

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yesterday, jude refused to take off her shoes. she even kicked a soccer ball in them. i’m so proud.

[note, at :58 she says “shoe”.]

[also of note: please forgive the lo-fi cellphonelicious quality of this video.]

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next stop: walking.

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