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disappearing act.

hi friends. please forgive my bigger-than-normal absence around these parts. yes, i’m still withchild. barely, it feels like.

so, i began my maternity leave about two weeks ago now. and i’ve been on a modified sort of bedrest since. as i’ve been telling everyone who asks how i’m doing, i had now idea just HOW tired i was until i laid down. i am not going stircrazy with all the time i spend in bed. it’s glorious and feels like a feast of rest. everytime i hobble up the steps toward my room, jude says, “have a good nap, mommy!”

i’ve also been a sick chicken over the last week. telltale sniffles took us all over last weekend. jude had a spiky fever for a day, and then she was done. h has remained vaguely snotty and meh, but functional thanks to the makers of generic dayquil. i, however, have devolved into a stuffy-headed, phlegm-infested, neti pot-resenting pregnant person with a motherfucking cold. i suspect that the cold is morphing into a sinus infection, so i’m headed out to the dr in a bit in search of relief.

so, that there is my explanation of absence around these parts. here is hoping a zpack brings me back to the land of the living soon.

in the meantime, here is a pic of my gigantic son-belly in a mumu, my new uniform:

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