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yeah. still sick here. on the last day of my z-pack and definitely showing signs of improvement. but holy hell. i’m not even gonna go into the whining portion of this post.

here’s a fun bonus, though: h threw her back out on saturday, whilst scrubbing the shower stall in phase 1 of operation home birth 2.0. by sunday, she could not move at all, and i am still, well, very pregnant with a broken tailbone, so poor jude was all but changing her own diapers. [sidenote, when asked if she would like to ditch the diapers forEVER by just using the potty already, she replies “NO! I not ready!”] sweet savior uncle g took j to gabby and pop pop’s for the day while i took h to the dr. (yep, same dr i visited just 2 days previous.) they gave her a shot in the ass, along with prescriptions for pain pills and muscle relaxers, and she’s slowly gotten her groove back. we’re still at about 50/50 with the judecare, however, which was at a solid 75/25 before she hurt herself. so, now i am gimpy from doing the things i’m probably too pregnant to do anymore.

gosh, this has been a fun week.

both my girls are sound asleep at the moment, so i think i’ll take this opportunity to wash my hair for the first time in many lots of days. ta!

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