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1.1.11 or back to 0.

Pardon my excessive absence. Computer is still very not replaced. Then it was Christmasland. Then zig and I flew to Nashville for Marlei’s wedding. And then yesterday I woke up with an acute sort of backache. Later, I spiked a fever. A trip to urgent care with the whole fambly ensued, and now I’ve got a shiny new kidney infection diagnosis. I fought for the antibiotic that would allow me to nurse and we are all hopeful that it will cure me.

Last night, h and I found ourselves in bed by 9, her with some knitting and me with a new book. A deluge of fireworks awoke us (and the dogs) at midnight and it looked like Disneyland outside our window. Happy new year we giggled and then I took some more Tylenol for my chills.

Interesting goodbye and hello to the years, yes, but I am ever grateful to be snug in my bed. In my home. In my family.

Happy new year, friends. Here’s to a new computer and more prolific posting soon.

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