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i’ve never mentioned my position on circumcision here on the blog because i’ve never really had one. i grew up assuming that if i ever had a boychild, i’d automatically have him circumcised. because this is america and that’s what we do. honestly, though, like most non-parent women who have no interest in penises, i never really thought about it beyond my vague assumptions.

when i was pregnant with jude–before officially finding out that she was a girl–h and i threw around the subject a bit, but we were so sure i was having a girl that we never delved into what our actual decision would be.

so. cut (no pun intended) to a few months ago, when we learned we were really very much going to have a boy with a penis for a son. we had to make a proper decision about whether to snip or not to snip.

that decision was remarkably easy to come to: no snip.

our reasons are simple: most of the non-american men in our life aren’t circumcised, and not one of them has ever dealt with hygiene issues. and they’re all fond of their foreskins. and most of the wee boys in our world aren’t circumcised either. the arguments of “he’ll be different from all the other boys/he should look like his daddy” are simply irrelevant in our world. circumcision, in our minds, would be a purely cosmetic surgery. and from that perspective, who are we to mess with our son’s business?

i realize that circumcision is a divisive issue for a lot of people, especially on the internet, and it’s easy for conversations to devolve into hostile rants. we refuse to engage that. penises can find themselves in all kinds of trouble, with or without a foreskin. no one is ever going to win the war(skin).

for the record, neither h nor i harbor any judgment toward parents who choose to circumcise their sons. our choice isn’t THE choice. but we are at peace with it.

i’m happy to continue the conversation if any of you would like, without any of the aforementioned hostility of course : )
(not that i think any of my readers would be hostile. just laying the one ground rule.)

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