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first of all, thank you for so many great mosquito bite treatment/prevention ideas! you are all the best ever. really.
we’ve got a lot of experiments to try out in the coming weeks!

so, according to the good people over at babycenter, ziggy will be the size of an english hothouse cucumber tomorrow. and, incidentally, his testicles will begin to descend as well. oooo! big week for a big wee little man-fetus.

in honor of such a week, i thought i’d share the cucumber of our lives:

this big guy was plucked from our garden a couple days ago. he is pictured next to a “normal” sized cuke. and for an even better idea of scale, here he is with jude, who loves him enough to carry him around, as well as hug and kiss him:

saying “cheeese” with cuke.

h is clearly thrilled by the size of cuke.

all he needs is a name, while he is still around. suggestions?

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