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on potties.

so, we’ve had a potty waiting in the wings for awhile. jude enjoys its presence, and finds it especially useful for the hiding of toys under the lid. as for proper pottying activities, she is not interested. at all.

that’s fine. she’s only 19 months old.

imagine my surprise when jude picked out this book at the library. and imagine my further surprise when she began demanding that the book be read to her many times in a row, several times a day.

the other night, we were snuggling in the night-night chair, reading the potty book. a (particularly poetic) passage from the book went like this:

but what do you do with a potty? does a potty go on your head?
jude: no.
can you wear potties on your feet?
jude: no.
(a page later…) can you go peepee?
jude: yeah.
can you poop?
jude: *grunt*
me: jude, did you just poop?
jude: yeah.
me: can i check your diaper to make sure?
jude: yeah. *plops down from my lap and assumes the slightly bent over position of diaper-check resignation
me: yep, you definitely pooped. can we change your diaper?
jude: yeah. *immediately lays down on her diaper mat, without any further prompting.

since that amazing night, jude has been a lot more aware of her body’s evacuation process. she’s sat on the potty more than once (while perusing her potty book), and lets us know when her diaper is no longer dry. she grabs her crotch and grunts a bit. and then she (usually) consents to a diaper change.

she is wearing pullups at night now (because they were cheaper than overnight diapers), and we call them her big girl princess panties. [sidenote: princesses? seriously? lame. i can’t believe i let her wear them.] she loves wearing them. thanks to h’s diligence, jude is usually in cloth all day, and not the fancy kind either. i’m talking prefolds and a cover. so, she is very aware of what’s going on in her pants. from a mom perspective, it’s a wonder to behold my little girl putting together the pieces that will ultimately lead to her bathroom independence.

and so we begin. jude has commenced her formal studies in potty training. i’m so proud.

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