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5 months. wait. 5 months?

dear hip monkey of a son,

i wrote you a letter just over a week ago.
a whole lot has changed since then.

  • you eat food. you like food. you want our food.
  • you go days without pooing in your diaper.
  • you try to sit up while lying on your back and are constantly doing baby crunches.
  • you can–but mostly refuse to–roll over both ways now.
  • you can stand unassisted while propped up against something like a couch for minutes at a time.
  • you can pass items from hand to another, usually while growling.

one thing that has not changed at all: your utter deliciousness. i can’t get enough of you.

i love you and love you and love you some more.


Ice cube chomper.

Naptime at Claire's house.

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