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my webform complaint to carmax corporate relations regarding the 2003 honda odyssey we purchased from them last july:

At the time of purchase, we asked to see the mechanic report of all that was wrong w/ the van and what was fixed. What you showed us satisfied our concerns with the safety and condition of the vehicle. What you conveniently left out was the fact that the undercarriage is rusted through. We did not know this until replacing the brakes this week. (We were frustrated enough to find the brakes shot after 5 months.) Our mechanic was incredulous: this van has the same amount of rust as a 1981 vehicle. This van shouldn’t even be on the road. We are a cash-strapped family with two kids who just want a safe vehicle. We paid over $12k CASH! You stole our money. You violated our trust in your company.

I demand some sort of recourse. We cannot continue to put our kids in this van. And we sure don’t have the resources to replace the whole undercarriage of this lemon you sold us.

lesson learned: always have your mechanic check out a potential used car purchase. effing nightmare.

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