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so, i was totally going to write mister ziggy his first monthly letter, since he turned two months old yesterday. however, as noted earlier, i forgot to blog yesterday. and then this evening, h & i had an evening to ourselves [read: the boy fell asleep earlier than usual] and so we split a bottle of good wine and caught up on 30rock. it’s now pushing 10:30pm, and i confess that i am a little tipsy. i don’t want to be a tipsy mommyblogger writing a love note to her son, so instead i shall blog about apps.

having two kids has taught me one definitive thing thus far: omg i don’t have time to edit photos from my actual camera. and especially since upgrading to the iphone4, i am having so.much.fun with all the easy breezy photo apps available. i’ve got a camera that has nearly the same pixels as my dslr, and i can achieve the kind of effects i’m going for, all while working one-handed, as i nurse an enormous baby. i do feel a little like i’m cheating, but did i mention that i am having fun? and i keep the grandparents appeased, almost real time.

without further ado, the apps i am currently digging:

first, there is hipstamatic. this one is all kinds of fun. as you may have noticed, i’ve been a fan of it for a long while now, and have probably over-saturated you and facebook with it. i love that you can be as purposeful or random as you want with it. you get to choose your filter, film, and even flash. there are several in-app bundles you can purchase if you want, but you have plenty to work with for $2. you can also choose the quality of each print.

here’s an example of hipstamatic. (photo taken by uncle g on my birthday…one my first gen iphone.)

second, there’s camerabag. i really like the versatility of this app. (you can purchase it for you computer as well as iphone, btw.) you can use it from within or without the app itself, which means that older pics can get the fun filter treatment. camerabag has a variety of filters, which you can preview and tweak before you commit. i hope there are more filters in the future, but the ones currently available are satistfying.

here are h&j flying a kite today, as rendered by the colorcross filter:

and then there’s instagram, which is FREE! again, you can take pics within or without the app, and have a variety of easy filters from which to choose. this app is a little more communal than the others. it feels a little like flickr, what with popular photos and commenting enabled, etc. it can be as public or private as you want it to be.

here are both of the kids, instagram-style:

and finally, there’s pano. at $2.99, it’s a little pricier than the others, but it’s a seamless, easy app to use. and the finished product is pretty cool. take, for instance, my livingroom/diningroom/kitchen this past monday morning. i was nursing as i took this. jude and h were painting, as lucy dog looked on.

[click to embiggen.]

so yeah, these are the apps that are making my life easy and happy right now. how bouts you? [iphone-free folks, i’m asking you too, btw. hope you haven’t been too bored by this post.]

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I can’t believe I completely forgot to blog yesterday. Grrrrr. In the words of Jude, “sorry bout dat.”

…more later.

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