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today we took a fambly walk, our first since becoming four. jude pulled her (too small for her long legs) stroller from the closet and hopped in, immediately requesting a cereal bar for company. i struggled to smoosh ziggy snugly into the ergo–with great success btw–and off we went, together.

we ambled toward our little neighborhood park as the sun cast long november shadows. i noticed that, while wearing zig in the ergo, my shadow profile makes me look pregnant. heh.

the last time i went to this particular playground with jude was in late august, when i took most of the photos featured in this post. she’d become pretty brave with all the equipment, but was still a little wobbly, and definitely needed a spotter. today, however, she showed me how she has mastered the place. beaming, she scaled the rock wall, climbed the silly stairs, and confidently slid down every slide, landing on her feet every time. she hung from every hang-able place, and she pretended to make dinner out of all the pebbles, the same pebbles she ate in real life this time last year.

all the while, ziggy slept soundly against my belly, only stirring when i loudly cheered for his sister.

i giggled a lot when jude exclaimed “mama turn!” after completing any playground feat. poor h had to climb all over this pintsized playground over and over, and she did it with enthusiasm, even as she smacked her back on random doorways that are three feet high. jude praised h every time she slid down the narrow slide, and when they had a slide race, it was an honest to goodness tie.

as we walked home together, the sun sank low and our world was golden. the texas air has finally given in to fall there was a nip in the air. h delighted in the fact that her nose was cold, zig snuggled in closer to me, and jude was simply happy to not be hot. all the roosters in our neighborhood crowed as we passed.

mio was waiting for us at the end of our street. as we rounded the corner, he bounded toward the stroller, and even rode on jude’s lap for approximately 14 seconds, after which he led the charge all the way down the block to our house.

oh happy day.

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