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jude + mio = lub.

oh jude. jude loves her mio kitten in not necessarily the gentlest of ways. we attempt to instill good kitty-holding etiquette, but every other day she gets a swat or a bite after the poor cat’s patience has run out. but still. mio LOVES his jude. in the house, he pesters her as she plays with her trains, he knocks over her block towers (this is encouraged), and he chases her back and forth throughout the house, over and over. he is her original little brother.

here are a few of their moments captured today. [note: we tried ever so hard to keep him as an indoor kitty, but to no avail. he protested by pissing on the couch every day, and even attempted to piss on the baby once. now that we let him come and go, he is a rather peaceable guy, with no passive aggressive messages written in urine.]

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