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today was ziggy’s and my 6 week postpartum appointment. of course, he is 7 weeks old now, but we’re mellow like that. ziggy was happy to be passed around to the lovely, cooing midwives, and he even offered them his flirtiest of smiles as he was weighed and measured and accosted with the stethoscope. here are his measurements, as i remember them. (it was hard to hear over all the giggling about his size…)

weight at 7w1d old: 12lbs10oz.
(birth weight: 8lbs4oz)
length: 23″
(birth length: 20 3/4″)

he is a picture of health and bigness and really rapid growth. my boobies were highly praised.

i had the distinct honor of receiving a postpartum pelvic exam and pap as well. and because michele has two apprentices at the moment, i was the lucky recipient of two different hands all up in my lady parts. it was as pleasant as it sounds, but i am a huge proponent of education, and so i offered myself up.

the good news is that my cervix is closed, my uterus is back to its ideal size and position, i’ve got strong abs, and i’m cleared for exercise and other extracurricular activities, should the opportunity arise.

it was a sad closing of such a wonderful chapter in our lives and relationships, but thanks to the wonder of facebook, we will keep in contact with the midwives to be, genevieve and meg. and as for michele? she is stuck with us now. she is family.

meg, genevieve and michele love on zig:

zig has a happy heart.

the scene for the romantic internal exam is set:

and finally, a photo for the ages. the lovely women who bore witness to the birth of my [screaming for milk] son. and the same wonderful midwife who delivered my daughter holds a hand over her heart:

[photo by h, hence her photographic absence, which is just the way she likes it.]

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