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monday funday.

my beloved let me sleep in till 11 am today, for which i am eternally grateful. consequently, i am feeling a bit more human today. mister zig still sports a small cough, but seems to be on the mend as well. here’s a visual recap of the weekend:

the young sir in all his snuggly, napping glory:

the young miss decked out for the first time in her poncho-esque jacket from her gabby, ready to go to the park:

h and j are currently at the park, actually. the park is a necessary outing once a day…jude is full of so.much.energy anymore, and no one wins when she has a day without running like a maniac until she is ready to fall over. without the chance to get her ya-yas out, she simply cannot listen. she can’t follow directions. she can’t settle herself. she is so very two years old.

so zig and i are once again chillin together at home, as neither of us are well enough to be out on such a breezy day as this. he is lounging his his magical swing that makes him happy for many many consecutive minutes, and i may or may not have just eaten 4 reeses cups. the windows are open, we’re listening to the radio department, and all is otherwise quiet in the house. for the moment.

last night, h and i finally watched where the wild things are. we meant to see it in the theater, but didn’t get around to it in time. and we’ve had the netflix dvd sitting next to the dvd player for a month now, i think. it was about damn time.

my response to that movie was a wholly visceral one. i was both max and his mother. i felt the unbridled rage of pre-adolescence. i experienced the wild bursts of energy and joy and fear. my 10 year old self was wide awake, and i remembered just how vivid my imagination used to be, and how it kept a lonely girl company like a family.

tears sat on my eyes during the scenes with max and his mom, as well as with kw. while i watched, my baby boy was sacked out on my shoulder, breathing into my ear. he’ll be max’s age sooner than i can fathom, and the movie’s overarching theme made me snuggle his sweaty little self closer: boys need their mamas.

i promised my isaac, my ziggy, that i will do my damndest to be the ever-present nurturer, unconditionally, for the rest of my life. and then i reminded him of the bonus he gets for having two moms. what a lucky little dude.

and i must end here. my son is demanding a little of that nurturing right about now, and my girls will be home so soon.

this is the life.

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