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well damn.

ayiyi. mine eyes, they burn with that familiar “give up, woman; you’re sick” sensation. i’m going down quick today. i really thought i could stay on top of this round of illness, but i’m in the same boat as kenny bloggins. i’ve been given permission to go to bed for awhile, while h takes care of the kiddos. did i mention that zig is pretty miserable too? he is snuffly and crying bitter tears when he is not in my arms. for a guy who only cries in the car when it is not moving, it’s disarming to hear such mournful wails. but he’s fed now, and full of gripe water, so here’s hoping i can nap alone awhile.

i’m off to sleepytime, but in case you’re allll wondering, here’s my new hairs, cut yesterday:

[yes, photo taken right now…hence the washed out exhausted look, complete with pillow.]

so yeah, it’s longer and longer. i’m on a locks of love mission. i think i’ve got about 6-8 more months of growth to go. whee!

and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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