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well holy shit, everybody. it’s november. that means it is national blog posting month again. it feels a little like the new years resolutions of the blogworld, but here i go again all the same. despite pretty much neglecting this blog since the birth of ziggy, i am going to make a solid effort at actually posting every day. i assure you that there will be days of just photos (probably a lot of those, if i’m honest), but i’m going to do my best to actually carve the time out of my weird days with a newborn to do it.

like now, for instance. h is bathing jude and ziggy is hanging out with them. as far as babies go, he is in the perfect place: recently fed, pooed, and burped. he is zenlike.

and so i’m hanging out with some “fun” size whoppers at the moment. (fun would be a whole carton…these are merely annoying size at 3 per packet.) yes, they are leftover from halloween, and no, i haven’t even uploaded the pics of judes first trick or treating and ziggy’s first costume experiences from my camera yet. so, a quick iphone pic will have to do:

jude’s actual costume, incidentally, was clifford the big red dog. her nana brought a couple extra costumes for her this weekend, and she tried them all out. clifford was the winner in the end. watch for photo adorableness sooner than later. zig, however, lasted all of 5 minutes in his pumpkin getup. the hat was evil; he was sure there was a boob in there somewhere, and was absolutely disgusted to find out he was wrong.

well, here we go. to set the tone for many more of my nablopomo posts, the boy is hungry. again. must abruptly end this silly excuse of a post.

anyone else joining the nablopomo gym with me?

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