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accounted for.

yes, i saw the tumbleweed dramatically blow by this blog too. i know i’ve been neglecting you all. i do apologize for that. but i have an excuse. i’ve been spending a whole lot of time staring at this face:

this smiley mister is a month old today, which blows my overtired mind. there are, as ever, so many stories i want to tell about this past month, and i’d be happy to even bullet point a few key ideas, but i’m still finding the balance of managing two kids, and haven’t quite gotten there. do follow me on twitter if you’d like to watch the chaos in 140 characters or less, though.

so yes, posting will resume soon. soon soon soon.

but for now, i gotsta go! my mom is flying in from pa tonight, and i’ve got to get in the headspace to spend a week listening to a 72 year old woman wax poetic about her most recent discovery of (and subsequent obsession with) doctor who, as well as her super crush on david tennant. this is the woman who has been a rather exuberant fan of the star trek family since its inception. but that’s another story.


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