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In wait.

Quick mobile update: contractions began yesterday afternoon and came 3 mins apart, lasting a minute each, for over 3 hrs. Apprentice midwives came out to check me, at which point the contractions stopped altogether.

I’m dilated 2-3, and am 50-60% effaced. He’s still pretty high.

This morning I’m crampy, cranky, and nauseated. I’m ridiculously weepy too. H took mio to the vet this morning, and it was reeeeeally hard for me to let her go. So far, Jude is mellow and happy to just hang out with me on the couch. I’m grateful for that, because I don’t want to cry in front of her again. When she refused to wash her sticky hands after breakfast, I started to cry. Srsly. It worked, sadly. It’s ok mommy, she said as she cleaned herself up. And then she asked for a cuddle.

And now I’m smacking my own cheeks, telling myself to snap out of this hormonal fog. Wake up, chicken. Wake up. And ziggy: time to get out.

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