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this morning, i am still pregnant with a rather dormant fetus. contractions are mild to non-existent at the moment. i began the day with the regimen of blackstrap molasses chelated iron, vitamin c, christopher’s blend and epo:

h has been outside all morning in the ridiculous humidity, catching up on a month of lawnmowing. (remember her effed up back? yeah, that has meant a thicket for a yard recently.) thus, jude and i have had a solo morning, which is rare indeed these days.

we savored it by watching our snuggle flick, the many adventures of winnie the pooh, and snuggling awhile. exhibits a & b:

at snack time, we experienced an amazing grass superfood fail, as the chocolate milk fakeness turned green. jude was immediately on to the presence of vegetables, and emphatically spat the stuff out–twice–all over her naked torso. and legs. and feet. and armpits somehow. there was no vanquishing of stickiness with mere papertowels, so, together, we took a luxurious bath, which was followed by a pillow fight in the nude.

jude is asleep now, and clean, and i’m sipping iced coffee, listening to julie miller and patty griffin sing together about coming home. the kitten is finally asleep, after climbing all over the keyboard as i tried to type this post.

wait. kitten? what kitten, you ask? oh, this one:

here is the abbreviated story of how we came to procure a kitten this week:

our neighbor at the corner of the street has an 18 year old daughter. the daughter adopted a kitten from a friend who was moving, without asking her mother. daughter is never home to care for said kitten. mother is not an animal lover, and happens to be recovering from a heart attack. so she put the kitten outside with food and water. kitten is ridiculously friendly, and loves kids. kitten is an un-neutered male who came with the name mia. kitten began to follow us on walks, and not look both ways when crossing the street. kitten bonded with jude in a way that a toddler could only dream: he chases her, climbs all over her, lets her drag him around, looks at her with the squinty yellow eyes of love. he also followed us home the other day.

so we have taken him in. our neighbor was about to drop him off at a shelter, as her daughter has abandoned project kitty altogether. mia is now mio. dios mio most of the time. we’re taking him to be neutered and de-wormed tomorrow. he is fearless in the face of our animals. he owns the joint. already, he is a contributing member of the family: he turned on the roomba the other day, and supervised its work, and yesterday, he (seriously) figured out how to turn off the kitchen light switch.

have i mentioned that he and jude LOVE each other? they roll balls back and forth and play with her hotwheels together. i’ve never met a more people-oriented kitten.

holy hell, though. we’ve brought a kinda-sorta litter trained kitten into our home days before having a baby. we’re the batshit variety of crazy. but jude has her first kitty. so it’s worth it.

and how’s your sunday?

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