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bullets ahoy:

  • so very, very nauseous right now.  nothing helps but sleep.  every food upsets my belly and causes cramps that feel like labor.  the cramps bring on braxton hicks.  i hurt.  this sucks.  and is totally normal.
  • but sunday was a relief sort of day.  we ventured over to new friends’ house for a playdate.  we met c&s through a mutual friend in april. c gave birth to a wee baby boy last month–little brother to nearly 3 year old big sister, v.  on sunday, jude and v played and played together, independent of us, in a whole other room even.  and it was interactive play, not just the parallel sort.  it was a wonder to behold for both sets of parents.  a first.  and so excellent.  grownups got to talk like grownups for long, uninterrupted segments of time.  we are all kinds of excited about this developmental milestone.
  • still haven’t forgotten the posts i want to write.  i anticipate the headspace and timespace to write them this week.
  • a video of sweet j this morning. watching super why, and eating breakfast.  peep those brows when she realizes i’m recording her.   and also, peep the need to demonstrate her water-drinking abilities:  “watch jude.”

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