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so, you may remember that there was some concern about the development of my son’s kidneys at his last ultrasound. yesterday was our followup ultrasound, wherein we found out:

1. his kidney fluid levels have remained pretty much the same as last time, which is a good thing. we’ll have yet another followup in 4 weeks to ensure continued stability or improvement. WHEW.
2. ziggy is still very much a boy. a boy with intimidatingly enormous junk. no further questions here.
3. he is fond of keeping his hand next to his head in the exact same manner of his sister. sweet LORD, i hope he puts that thing down before exiting my womb. his hand placement made a profile pic for the family album pretty impossible, btw. i may post one of the u/s pics just to confuse you, though. it’s damn near impossible to identify him as an actual baby in them. he looks like a blurry handface.
4. he appears to have lips like his sister’s. we watched for a brief moment as he opened and closed them. they’re lovely. i can’t wait to kiss them, in (hopefully) 11 weeks.

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