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so, jude has a nasty ass rash on her abdomen and legs. it’s not heat rash, definitely not poison ivy or anything sinister like that. from the moment we saw it, our suspicions immediately turned to the ban roll-on looking bottles of avon paint-on soap stuff that jude got as a gift this weekend from nana. a day of benadryl and cortisone didn’t seem to help. jude can’t stop with the scratching. add to that the mosquito bite welts on her legs–which happened while she was wearing off for kids–and she is a miserable itchy mess. “biittes!” she wails, digging her nails into her thighs. “oh no, mommy! biiiites!”

h took her to the dr this morning to make sure that our rash diagnosis was correct–that we weren’t exposing everyone with whom j comes in contact to some highly contagious awfulness. and we were right. h just chatted me: contact dermatitis, aka avonitis.

*shakes fist at the sky*
damn you, avon!

j was given two topical rxes. one is a stronger-than-our-cortisone anti-itch cream, and the other an antibacterial to prevent infection. we were also advised to put both creams on jude’s bites.

so, you who are (or have kids who are) allergic to mosquito bites, and prone to being bitten even while wearing protection, this is the point at which i ask for your help. does anything work to fully prevent bites for you? are you willing to share your secrets with me? please please and thank you.

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