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best laid plans

i fell down the stairs this morning, holding jude. i tripped over a stubborn cat, lost my legs, and landed hard smack on my tailbone. i screamed from the immediate crack of sharpsharp pain. i did not lose my grip on jude. she didn’t even cry, though my screams scared her. she’s spent the rest of the morning giving me reassuring bear hugs, while saying “awwww”.

i think i’m okay. i may have out-dooced dooce with a possible broken tailbone. i immediately called my midwife. she recommended i skip the doctor at this point; even if it is broken, there’s not much that can be done other than give it time to heal. i really don’t want an xray while pregnant. i’m worried enough about ziggy as it is.

michele reassured me that this fall was likely not even felt by ziggy, and the impact wasn’t enough to cause harm. yes, i am cramping. it’s pretty mild, but definitely present. she told me not to be afraid if i spot a bit from this. and to treat myself as if i’m newly postpartum for the next 3 days. i.e. i need to stay down and let my uterus quiet itself.

so that is what i’m doing right now: lying on my side in bed, icepack on my ass, and trying to shake the shakiness of dissipating shock. my whole body hurts. and i’m holding out all the hope i have that my midwife is right, that ziggy is okay. i already have an appt on weds to hear ziggy’s heartbeat. she’s willing to see me sooner if the worry consumes me. i’m so grateful for her availability and care.

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