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seven weeks

at seven weeks pregnant, i am already beginning to show. my bump is way higher than the expanse of my uterus, which is weird. and the protrusion has lots of people at work asking me weird questions, like whether i can feel the baby kick yet. though i want to answer, “um, the baby isn’t really even moving yet, and even if s/he were, i wouldn’t feel it, on account of the baby being approximately half an inch long, crown to rump,” instead i simply reply, “nope, too early. won’t feel anything for awhile.”

one coworker recently asked how far along i was, and when i said six weeks, he said “six months? won’t be long then!”

damn peoples. way to give a girl a complex already.

i’m NOT big. i’ve just got a squishy looking bumpish thing that peeks through my shirt.

in other news, nausea has taken over my life like a motherfucker. on a scale from 1 to pregnant-with-jude, i have arrived at pregnant-with-jude. cravings have all but subsided, and i am basically enduring meals. chocolate, however, is still awesome. as is twinings decaf english breakfast tea, with just a splash of milk.

except for the nausea, the experience of this pregnancy has been so much different than with jude. by this time last pregnancy, i’d already had two ultrasounds, for instance. this time, we will likely not have one until 20 weeks. i never even had a beta. as midwife m advised when i asked about a beta, “you peed on some sticks, your uterus is clearly growing: you’re pregnant.” and i must admit, everything feels a whole lot simpler, less dramatic, this way.

speaking of the growth of my uterus, we may opt for the 12 week ultrasound. [by the way, herein lies our paranoia.] we’ve been doing the ring test to see whether ziggy is a boy or girl. with jude, that dangling ring swung around in circles as if possessed. with zig, it swings back and forth for awhile, and then starts circling. every time we try. we raise our eyebrows and ask, gender confusion? intersex? twins? wait. TWINS?

at our first midwife appt, 5 1/2 weeks pregnant, the apprentice measured my uterus at NINE CENTIMETERS. (for readers who are not familiar with uterus growth, it should correlate in centimeters how many weeks you are pregnant.) i panicked. michele measured again. and again. and finally settled on a wobbly-at-best measurement of 6-7.

if there are indeed TWO ziggies in my belly, i’d like to know about them much sooner than 20 weeks. hence: 12 week ultrasound. i confess to feeling panicky at the thought of twins, and not so much about the two for one special, but the reality that i would likely have a hospital birth that would end in a c-section. i could accept that, yes. but it would take awhile.


i really do think this is a single ziggy.

jude is having a late afternoon nap at the moment. i think i shall join her. big x

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