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greetings from the outpost of 6-weeks-pregnant land.  i’m a bit sluggish today, vaguely nauseous, and actually satiated in the gyro dept.  last night, h made me a fabulous (boil in bag!) indian meal.  some sort of spicy tomato sauce with paneer, peas, rice, and a pork chop.  sour cream was needed to dial down the hotness.  omg.  it was a religious experience.  the right foods right now make me cry with joy.  so VERY different from last pregnancy.

poor jude is sick. we’re in the thick of cedar fever here, and she’s been congested for over a week now. yesterday, she woke up with a fever and snot so thick that she handed it to me. infection had set in. she’s on the mend, thanks to antibiotics and her faithful vaporizer, and is currently 20 minutes into her second nap of the day…after being awake for two hours after her last nap. and that nap? lasted four hours.

she is 19 months old now. and i have a letter in my head, ready to write. and i will write it soon, too. i’m just so sleeeeepy.

as we read a book before this most recent nap (los pollitos dicen), jude pointed at a cow and said “booooo”. she’s never made a cow sound before, and i’m not sure if that’s her first approximation of “moooo” or if it’s the congestion. i asked her what kind of animal it was, and she answered “dow”.

[unkempt hair. refuses clips.]

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