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hi everyone. thank you so very much for your hearty congratulations! and to my dearest shannon, thank you for thinking of me with this cakewreck:

so yes, people. in the event that you didn’t click the link in my last post: we are having a baby!
i am due on 18 september, which is, incidentally, exactly three months after jude’s birthday.

this most recent insem brought its share of auspicious signs, not the least of which was the blue moon. if i’m calculating correctly, our plucky little blastocyst implanted right around the new year. whereas jude went by the alias sparky while in utero, this child will be called ziggy. as in stardust.

i’m still at a loss for words about the whole thing. i thought that our timing was off. i was out of my testing/temping groove for the holiday. i missed my surge. but, tada! it worked!

some of you may wonder why the photo was taken at work. well. the day before, i’d convinced myself that 10dpo was not too early to test. and so i peed on my only stick. i was starkly “not pregnant”. oh, but the next morning, i just felt pregnant, bloated, with a whole lot of heat in my belly. and so did the thing that no possibly-pregnant woman should do: i peed on an opk to use as an hpt! eep! i know! and i got a nearly-positive result, ie, the test line was nearly as dark as the control. armed with a crazy sort of hope, i proceeded to hold my pee for the next several hours. (btw, i’d said nothing about any of this to h, who was with me for the “not pregnant” result.) i went to work. i ducked out for a quick trip to the grocery. the cle.ar blue ea.sy tests were $2 off! score! by that point, my bladder was so full my eyes were watering. eff it, i said to myself, i’m peeing here. and so it came to pass that i waited for a very long three minutes in a bathroom stall at HEB, staring at the terrible local ads on the back of my receipt. and then the big reveal: pregnant.

i proceeded to wonder just how i would break the news to h. in the end, it happened via ichat. i said something to the effect of, “i know i’ve been horrid lately, but i really hope that you don’t leave me to raise our two children alone”. at which point i saw a lot of exclamation points. i told uncle g that night when i got home from work. basically, i yelled at him for giving me whiskey for christmas that i wouldn’t be able to use. and then he cried.

so that is the short version of How I Found Out I Was Pregnant, 2nd child edition.

my body is reacting to this pregnancy a lot faster than the last one. i’m all kinds of bloated, and it seems that my uterus has taken up residence in my ass, because i now officially have back. my breasts are, as of now, unaware of the change. still lactating. not sore. whew.

i’m crampy and achy, with the occasional sharp pain in my abdomen. i’m oh so hungry for curry and chipotle hot sauce and oranges. and at 6:30 pm, my eyes grow heavy and my body, weary. i experience moments of slight nausea, but nothing rivaling my last pregnancy. yet. as my sister e, the one who had a nausea-free pregnancy, said, “here’s hoping you have a pregnancy just like mine, minus the lymphoma scare. that wasn’t good at all.”

we’re already in touch with our midwife, who is quite excited that we are repeat customers. our first appointment is next week! she demanded that we bring jude with us, and ended the squealy, congratulatory conversation with “i love you all so much!” i’m so excited to have her in our daily lives again.

alright, that’s enough blathering for now.

welcome to my womb, ziggy. please stay.

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